The necessary programs for the smartphone
We will talk about programs designed to improve the operation of smartphones on the Android OS, and the relevance of this review is determined, first of all, by the fact…

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The necessary programs for the smartphone
We will talk about programs designed to improve the operation of smartphones on the Android OS, and the relevance of this review is determined, first of all, by the fact…

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Motorola has finally made a smartphone better than Xiaomi
Motorola is somewhat similar to Metallica - also an American star of yesteryear, which has enough energy for creativity even today, though many fans no longer like the new repertoire.…

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Low-priced flagship smartphone – Xiaomi Mi 9T review

In general, Mi 9T is the flagship of Xiaomi’s now subsidiary brand, Redmi. And originally it was called Redmi K20. But Xiaomi understands that in Russia Redmi = a budget smartphone, so the flagship name was slapped for the anti-crisis flagship. But this is not what interests us, but the fact that the Mi 9T is the first flagship in 2019 at the price of a middle-class model.

The main feature of the Mi 9T is a completely frameless screen (well, well, there is a slightly thick frame at the bottom, like all android phones). Where did you share the front camera, you ask?

Xiaomi Mi 9T has a truly frameless screen

Under the screen. Not quite as I personally would like, but also neatly – the selfie camera was made retractable.

Extendable selfie camera on Xiaomi Mi 9T

At the same time, it moves forward quickly and automatically. Unless, in connection with this, the procedure for unlocking the face has become more complicated. But we will talk about this a little lower.

The back of the Xiaomi Mi 9T

On the back of the smartphone again flaunts a “3D texture” – a design element that I personally do not understand. In this case, one can observe sapphire-emerald overflows on the sides. Probably someone will like it.

Xiaomi Mi 9T: volume rocker and power / lock button

All buttons are located on the right. This is a volume rocker and a lock / power button.

Xiaomi Mi 9T: top end

That same retractable selfie camera is on top. The main thing is not to confuse it with a SIM card slot (it is thinner). But next to another useful contraption – a 3.5-mm headphone jack (FM radio is supported). Just in case, I remind you that it is not in Mi 9 and in Mi 9 SE either. But Mi 9 SE is cheaper.

Xiaomi Mi 9T: bottom end

Below – a speaker, USB-C and a SIM card slot. You can’t put a memory card here.
Xiaomi Mi 9T: slot for nano-SIM

Yes, and the slot is a bit strange – you need to put the SIM cards in different ways. Pay attention to the location of the slice.

Xiaomi Mi 9T in hand

In general, in terms of dimensions, the Xiaomi Mi 9T most resembles the Samsung Galaxy S10 +. The same screen size at the same height. But Samsung has a cutout for the camera inside the screen, and here is a freestanding camera and full-fledged 6.39 “AMOLED pictures without overlapping. Samsung, of course, is narrower, but only due to the curved display on the sides, on the edges of which many buyers accidentally click and make it go down Android is crazy.

Screen and interface
Xiaomi Mi 9T has a brighter screen than Mi 9 SE and the flagship Mi 9. Well, let’s not forget about framelessness.

In comparison with other smartphones for 25 thousand rubles, the matrix is ​​simply excellent. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A50 128 Gb is much less bright, compared to the rest of the Huawei P30 and Honor 10, everything is also very cool. And even the Honor 20’s screen is less readable under the sun, because AMOLED is better suited to this than IPS.

Probably only the Samsung Galaxy S10e has an even cooler AMOLED screen, but Samsung is much more expensive and brighter only in auto mode (after a rain on Thursday, when the automation considers it necessary). And in the manual, the same Samsung produces a miserable 390 cd / m2 of brightness.

Xiaomi Mi 9T
Maximum brightness level (min./max.) 462 / 2.7 cd / m2
Contrast (more = better) endless
Color gamut (sRGB) (90-100% – ideal, more = worse) 100%
DeltaE (less = better) 6.54
Gamma (ideal – 2.2) 2.2
Color temperature (ideal = 6500K) 7500K
Otherwise, everything is about the same as in other new Xiaomi. Including the design of the system. You don’t have to get used to anything, there’s nothing to be surprised here either.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Interface: Lock Screen

Just in case, I’ll clarify that the smartphone was tested with Android 9 and the MIUI 10.3.7 proprietary shell.

Performance and autonomy
Unlike the recent Mi 9 SE, the Mi 9T is built on a more recent processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon 730. Compared to the Snapdragon 710-712, which we are familiar with Nokia 8.1, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE and Meizu 16, this CPU is overclocked by processor and graphics parts, it supports the new standard Wi-Fi version 6 (if the manufacturer slaps such a module, and does not save and leave the old stuff) and can record video in 4K HDR. That is, even Sony Xperia 1 or Samsung Galaxy S10 + level cameras will digest, which was previously not allowed for middle-class processors.

In general, the growth is not phenomenal, but it is on all fronts.

I have said more than once that I don’t see the point in the flagship 8xx processors – yes, they are needed to move the entire industry, but it’s more likely for the end users to end up. Well, on Android there would be some, for example, high-quality video processing applications. All that is available is the simplest tools, often inferior in functionality to the banal iMovie on iOS (iPhone).

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