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The first budget Samsung in history that is better than the Chinese – Galaxy M20 review

I have in my hands a smartphone from Samsung for 12 thousand rubles. Okay, at the start it was sold for as much as 14 thousand, but now at Tmall – in the only place where you can buy it officially in Russia (yes, this is official) – for quite some time now there has been a discount of up to 11,471.80 rubles. And for the money he is just beautiful. Nearly.

The very existence of the Galaxy M20 is hard to believe. But this is the best evidence that Samsung holds its tail with a gun. That is why the chances of surviving this company are still greater than that of Apple, which (in the smartphone market) really has nothing but the same “show-offs”. I say this as a former iPhone user who used all the company’s smartphones from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone X, on which it became clear that the company did not know how and where to go, and that Tim Cook would never replace Steve Jobs.

But back to the Galaxy M20. For 12 thousand rubles, the Samsung smartphone has everything you need. We saved on trifles, well, you should not expect revelations from the camera. But! NFC, USB-C, Full-HD, 5000 mAh in the battery … Well, where can you still find all this for that kind of money?

About the very little things that were saved (slightly). In fact, from the side of the screen, the smartphone looks cool, except that if you really find fault, the frames are thick. Yes, there are narrower ones – you can’t argue with that.

There’s already full-cost savings in the back — plastic is … Chinese. It looks cheap and somehow even went – with all these sparkles. For some reason, none of the major manufacturers lacks the spirit to act like the Chinese with Realme C2 – just refuse glitter and make a high-quality plastic matte corrugated surface.

I also want to note the strange sensations when you touch the fingerprint scanner. Honestly, I don’t know how to describe it … But as if from touch there something could break. Although, in practice, nothing breaks.

The coverage of the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy M20 is kind of weird …

The smartphone is rather heavy in the hand – 186 grams, no matter how. What did they put inside? Sinker? However, you can get used to it. Seriously this does not affect ergonomics.

There is no Bixby button on the case – and this is wonderful, because Bixby itself did not work in Russia.

Volume rocker and power / lock button

On the right is the power button and volume rocker.

Full triple slot for 2x nano-SIM and MicroSD

On the left is just a slot for two nano-SIM and MicroSD. The slot is not hybrid, but full, which is commendable.

USB-C connector and 3.5 mm analog audio jack

Below is the main beauty. 3.5mm headset jack (FM radio supported) and USB-C.

In the Galaxy M20, the company decided to use not the usual AMOLED screens, but the PLS matrix (you can assume that this is IPS). Personally, I like these matrices even more, but there are no improvements in the brightness margin in them.

Samsung Galaxy M20
Maximum brightness level (min./max.) 392 / 2,8 cd / m2
Contrast (more = better) 1300-1500: 1
Color gamut (sRGB) (90-100% – ideal, more = worse) 99%
DeltaE (less = better) 5.92
Gamma (ideal – 2.2) 2.3
Color temperature (ideal = 6500K) 9000K
But they did not fail with permission. It’s not so often that big brands like Sony / LG / Samsung put Full-HD smartphones in such cheap smartphones.

Subjectively to the screen no complaints. Bright, clear, smartly responds to clicks. Unless, there are a couple of questions to the design – I never really liked Samsung at it. Something colorful and colorful, well, and a separate (from the desktop) application menu will not appeal to those who are used to a continuous ribbon of icons and widgets in Chinese smartphones. But this, again, is subjective.

There is also a “blue filter” option in the smartphone’s settings. I’ll continue to find fault and say that instead of just warm shades, the function makes the screen some “swamp” color.

Performance and autonomy
In the Galaxy M20, the company again uses its own processor, Exynos 7904. In terms of performance, it is approximately at the level of Qualcomm Snapdragon 632. A good result overall. Perhaps the use of its own “hardware” allowed Samsung to optimize the smartphone perfectly. The interface works as smoothly as the flagships – using the Galaxy M20 is very nice. And I can’t explain why, but the M20 is faster than the Galaxy A30 with the same processor and similar version of Android. The fact that the M20 was faster than the A30, with the “eight” is a fact, but it is surprising that the gap remained even after changing the version of the system.

That’s just autonomy “somehow not a fountain.” I expected more from a 5000 mAh battery. Perhaps he’s standing here “with a margin”, so as not to “deny himself anything”, because iron is still budget.

Battery discharge time in minutes (read, video, games)
In the end, yes, nothing slows down, doesn’t stupid and does not freeze, but many smartphones with 4000 mAh in the tests work longer. Even those that received the IPS matrix.

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