This phone has turned Samsung from a loser into a “king of the hill" - Samsung C100
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There were many durable push-button phones, there was one armored car with a camera and a huge screen – Siemens M65

When we talk about rugged smartphones, we mean “Chinese” clinging to decorative panels with unpredictable build quality. When we recall durable push-button phones, we are talking either about “there is nothing, so there’s nothing to break” models like Nokia 3310, or about false inventions “I was attacked by samurai with katanas, and I put my Samsung under attack, broke them katanas, and then beat them with the same mobile phone and called home from him – to say that I’ll be late. ” But today we will talk about a reference phone that combined flagship bells and whistles with cool (even by the standards of push-button mobile phones) protection.

The first year that mobile phones became like modern ones
If you ever get to the game “Who wants to become a millionaire?” And they ask you which year the most awesome button phones came out, you can safely choose 2004. Because there was no such jump in the characteristics of mobile phones either before or after.

Now we are concerned about the phones is not at all what 10-15 years ago
Phones ceased to be squeaky bricks with a black and white screen back in 2003, but they could also be called a substitute for a computer with a huge stretch. Because the majority of the “two thousand and three” models did without a camera (too expensive a pleasure), the sound came out in the form of polyphony of varying degrees of lousiness and were able to open small pictures on small screens. Even GIF-animations were given to the phones of those years with torment, and listening to music or at least its fragments seemed to be “space” in general, because the memory in mass phones was about 1.5-3 MB. Only the wealthy guys who were ready to spend not typical $ 200-250, but $ 400-500 and more, also had infrared and Bluetooth.

2003 low-cost phone and 2004 low-cost phone

Before gossiping, they say, “Is it really expensive?”, Look at the statistics – in 2004 the typical monthly salary in Russia was $ 242. Yes, this is the “average temperature in the hospital” – someone received more, someone less. It is more important that in 2019 the same average salary in the country is $ 727, even after the ruble broke the bottom five years ago and we became 2 times poorer.

In general, $ 500 for people in 2004 meant roughly the same thing as 80-100 thousand rubles for us today – if you really strain on the goal of “life for iPhone!”, You can buy it, but for cash (with loans in 2004, so-so) and today few people are so ready to show off.

Therefore, the guys and girls bought “regular” mobile phones for $ 100-150, “good” mobile phones for $ 150-250 and “cool” ones for $ 250-350. And, although none of the youth now believes that cheap equipment was made in Germany, the Berlin-Munich Siemens was the king in terms of price and performance in 2004 mobile phones.

Siemens is such a Xiaomi push-button era

The first mobile phone that taught people to love smartphones, and not be afraid of them – Siemens SX1
In 2019, the mobile phone became so “not a luxury but a means of transportation” that it is difficult to draw parallels with phones 15 years ago. People are now torn between the iPhone 8 Plus for 50 thousand rubles and all the bastard trash like Vertex Impress for 3 thousand rubles. At the same time, they also buy expensive Chinese smartphones, and Samsung, which seems to be prestigious, row most often in the form of younger stupid models. In general, there are a prohibitive amount of “smartphone stampers” of different quality today, hence this mess. And in 2004, everything was much simpler:

Nokia was considered something like the current Apple. That is, even the cheapest brands of mobile phones by the standards were worth, as competitors with a class higher. Take at least the same Nokia 3310, which today is so enthusiastically bursting by those who have not seen it in my eyes. This mobile phone cost exactly 2 times more expensive than the Siemens that is similar in characteristics.

For this despondency with 2.5 MB of memory, without wav support, with 16-voice polyphony and a limit on the size of Java applications, I asked for $ 270 – almost as much as Siemens M65

When the phone is so cool that it can’t be replaced even after 14 years – Sony Ericsson K750i
And the Finns would continue in the same spirit to “weld up” the price of phones in order to buy black jeeps and no less black caviar, but in 2004 SonyEricsson began to rise sharply from its knees. So abruptly that Nokia, so that it would not be “soaked in the toilet” (as the president of the Russian Federation says) abruptly rebuilt from the release of boring reliable dialers with slightly cut-down marketing characteristics to cheap smartphones. For this, Nokia was very fond of geeks (on Nokia 6600/3230/6670/7610/6630 smartphone fans are still praying to God), but, by 2004, ordinary workers did not really understand.

Because the smartphone in those years seemed ridiculous, like a crossover car. In the eyes of the jeep motorist, the crossover was a heavy clumsy cart, which was stuck in an off-road car, which would get stuck in any dirt or sand, and on the asphalt strive to “lie down on a barrel”, unlike purebred cars.

There were many durable push-button phones, there was one armored car with a camera and a huge screen - Siemens M65
When we talk about rugged smartphones, we mean “Chinese” clinging to decorative panels with unpredictable build quality. When we recall durable push-button phones, we are talking either about “there is…


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