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A smartphone after which you fall in love with Sony again – Xperia review 1

The soul of the master in the new Japanese technology is revealed only when it is allowed to roam around with unlimited budgets. Therefore, Sony engineers, in reproaches in the characteristics of inexpensive models, always say: “Model development in Japan is more expensive than in China, hence the difference in price.” And now the price issue has become irrelevant, because we have a flagship with maximum characteristics for 80 thousand rubles. And we are only interested in one thing – how cool is it?

The longest mobile phone! Just a little bit, and will be equal in size to the rod of the inspector of the traffic police. Why gloomy Japanese geniuses decided to pull out the phone with a sausage, to talk for a long time, so we will do it later and will not “load” you from the doorway. Just look how good it is!

Smartphone Sony Xperia 1

You know, Sony still has a certain flair for style. If at first Xperia 1 seems ridiculous because of its elongation, then walking with it for a couple of days, you understand that, in fact, everything in it is harmonious. I had about the same thing with the iPhone 5 after the shorter iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4.

As you can see, the company did not chase framelessness – it offered at the same time fairly thick frames by today’s standards, top and bottom, and, at the same time, an elongated screen. So the mobile phone looks much nicer than models with bangs and other tumors at the top of the screen, but compared to models that have a hole for a selfie camera cut through the screen, the expensive Xperia is not so frameless. Not to mention smartphones with minimal frames and a camera that leaves the case.

What do we lose from this design? Approximately 0.2-0.3 “display diagonals with comparable dimensions. Roughly speaking, the Samsung Galaxy A70 with its drop-shaped” bangs “in the screen at a slightly lower height does not offer 6.5” (like Sony), but 6.7 “screens. And with an equal length with Xperia 1 it could be slapped into it and all 6.8 “. This is a minus.

And the plus is that Sony stopped bending the line “we better know what design you need” and pay attention to criticism – instead of last year’s smartphones “puffers” with smooth edges and huge frames, we are now angular (as people say, “square”, even at the sight of an elongated case) smartphone in the old style.

Of course, the back cover is now more “licked” than it was in the good old days, but with this shape of the sidewalls, clean lines and a minimum of showing off the appearance of the new flagship Sony is very similar to the classic Xperia Z3 and Xperia M5 2014-2015. The way we remember them (and memory, as we know from old films and games, embellishes reality) in the best possible way.

Ergonomics is good too. Yes, reaching your finger to the top of the screen is uncomfortable, but almost all current smartphones are uncomfortable – you have to intercept the case.

But then look what the story is – the Xperia 1 case turned out to be narrower than most modern flagships, while the screen is really huge. For example, if you compare the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus, which came out at the same time, then X’s case was narrower, but the elongated screen compared to the second one still did not allow to display significantly more information on it.

Sony Xperia 1, a hybrid slot for two nano-SIM and MicroSD. Plus – can be removed without a “needle”, minus – the smartphone will reboot after removing the slot
All Sony Xperia 1 buttons are centered on the right.

Another strange detail is the fingerprint scanner on the side, but not built into the power button (it is located below). In general, it is also quite realistic to get used to it, although I would prefer a scanner on the back. It feels like it doesn’t work perfectly either, due to the small area of ​​contact with the finger.

In general, the smartphone is not the most compact, but narrow and convenient to use. It’s also very beautiful – it looks much prettier live than on official images, where the appearance of the smartphone seems so primitive, as if it were one of the fake render-leaks drawn by schoolchildren in Photoshop.

In fact, this is the most beautiful flagship Sony in recent years with a considerable amount of good old Japanese design. The main thing is not to buy Sony in a dark color, in which it will look like another “piano” remnant, but to choose a white case, as a tribute to the classics.

Screen and system design
So, we have a smartphone with a screen, the aspect ratio of which is 21: 9. Why I did this already I wrote in the “first look” at the new Sony Xperia models and in the Xperia 10 Plus review. And in short – to again deceive us with a fake 4K, which is not 4K at all.

Sony Xperia 1
Maximum brightness level (min./max.) 350-387 / 1.84 cd / m2
Contrast (more = better) endless
Color gamut (sRGB) (90-100% – ideal, more = worse) 95% -100%
DeltaE (less = better) 2.27
Gamma (ideal – 2.2) 2.2-2.4
Color temperature (ideal = 6500K) 7500K-8500K
This was the case with smartphones earlier, as was the case with the PS4 Pro, most games on which only “pull” 1440p. So with Xperia
Modern Combat 5 on Sony Xperia 1. Here the resolution does not even reach a bit to Full-HD

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