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8 cool smartphone features that no one needs today

A modern smartphone has become much less functional than, say, 10 years ago. Yes, many functions today work much better than before, but still there are things that either don’t do it at all or do it, but nobody pays attention to it when buying.
At one time, modular smartphones were broadcast “from every iron”. Various designs of modular smartphones have been awarded at MWC and IFA. But now we have only the LG G5, about which the company itself is trying to forget, and the Moto Z2 Play, about which everyone except the fans has forgotten.

Does anyone else remember Project Ara? Would you like to have such a smartphone? Me not.

Why does nobody need modularity? Because a smartphone is not a comp. A typical desktop can be of almost any shape and size – obviously redundant, moreover. Open your PC and see how much free space it has. But does it bother you? Unlikely.

How did we generally use push-button phones? They were terrible.
The previous generation Mac Pro was as compact as possible with top-end performance. That’s about the size of a PC today. But it won’t be – because even a small apartment has enough space for a “box”, in which there is more air than parts. But in the pockets for a smartphone there is not so much space. And it is better to have one smartphone with optimal filling than a bunch of modules that you still need to carry somewhere with you. And those who fall off, play, the connection disappears, and replacing a smartphone with a new one turns into a headache – after all, if the old smartphone can still be sold, then the modules for it will go at best as a free add-on.

Modules for Motorola: battery, speaker, projector, external camera. Didn’t take off

3D screens and 3D cameras
Do you remember how 3D suddenly came into fashion? It was everywhere. The Nintendo 3DS portable console, a bunch of 3D TVs, and even on smartphones, started to do. And 3D-cameras, and the screen with support for “frameless” 3D.

And where is it now? At the junkyard of history. Even Nintendo abandoned 3D screens, replacing the 3DS consoles with the cheaper New Nintendo 2DS XL, and Switch didn’t even do 3D initially.

Today in smartphones you can meet more cameras than two. But they are now needed for something completely different.

Why? Yes, because it is not particularly necessary, at least not everyone needs it, but there are a lot of problems. Without glasses, the 3D screen can be watched only by one, and with glasses a lot of restrictions on the viewing angle. 3D content itself is far from always required. In addition, VR is much more interesting, although not everyone needs it either.

LG Optimus 3D

Remember the times when we bought German flagships, not Chinese, to save money? Siemens SL45 – the best phone of the “monochrome” era
And if we talk about a movie or a game, then even a simple movie with the due talent of a screenwriter, director and actors, can carry away much more rapid 3D effects. And in games, the pixelated “turkey” is sometimes more addictive than another AAA blockbuster, and even in stereoscopic 3D. However, for mobile games, all this does not matter – people poke “three in a row” and are happy. Well, why is there 3D?

Dust and moisture protection
Yes, yes, do not rush to swear. Today, dust and moisture protection can be found a lot where, but we will be honest – it does not bother anyone. Once upon a time, Sony Xperia smartphones made a name for themselves, including thanks to dust and moisture protection. And today everyone takes Xiaomi, where there is no protection at all. And who cares?

Beautiful pictures show manufacturers of dustproof and waterproof smartphones. And then they do not accept the “drowned” under warranty.

Or take the same iPhone. Yes, Apple is talking about splash protection, and it doesn’t accept drowned smartphones under warranty. And here’s how to prove that the user violated the operating conditions, or was there really a defect in the design that led to flooding even under acceptable conditions? Therefore, people still just do not drop the smartphone into the water and do not take underwater photos – you never know. Then you will not prove anything to anyone, and the money lost for the repair or replacement of the smartphone is a pity. In the end, if you need to shoot fish – you can buy an aquabox.

And so any smartphone today will survive if you call a taxi in the rain. But even in the rain we do not like to be for completely different reasons.

3D touch
As you know, Apple should cough – everyone starts coughing even louder. But 3D-touch “didn’t take off” even at Apple – is it worth talking about the rest?

In fact, getting used to spending more effort for the sake of some actions that can be done with less effort is simply not practical. Moreover, they did not come up with any intelligible indication of the pressure on the screen. The user, in the end, only guessed – was he pressing the screen hard enough to work the function he needed? Or even so – did he press weakly enough – after all, why push harder than necessary?

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