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Why Chinese smartphones are becoming more expensive, and what should be the perfect “budget” on Android

Realme produces many powerful mobile phones that can compete with Xiaomi itself, but at least it makes official statements to the public. But at the presentation of the new flagship Realme X2 Pro, we managed to talk to the Chinese representatives of the company and find out what they think about competitors, what ideal smartphones see and what they plan to release in the future.

We were interviewed by Derek Wang, Product Director, and Chase Xu, Product Promotion Director.

There are no bad processors, there is an unfair price for them
Among manufacturers of smartphones, powerful models of Chinese MediaTek processors have recently come into fashion. For example, Helio G90T, which began to be put in the game models of smartphones (Xiaomi with its Redmi Note 8 Pro, for example). Why didn’t you join this trend and are there any such plans?

We have nothing against the MediaTek G90T, but I can say that we do not plan to install it in sub-flagships and flagships. It seems to me that for fans of the maximum speed of the smartphone, including games, they haven’t come up with anything better than the Snapdragon 855 Plus.

But in middle-class smartphones or, if you’re lucky, in older modifications of inexpensive Realme models, we’ll try to install something uncharacteristically powerful for this class of devices. In general, we do not have any “religious preferences” in this matter – it all depends on how we bargain with the manufacturers of processors. Because the processor, which is inappropriately expensive in purchasing, comes up with an unreasonably expensive smartphone, and nobody needs such happiness.

MediaTek Helio G90T is a Snapdragon 710 or 730 (powerful processor of the deputy flagman), but cheaper

Well, and if you dance not from speed, but from the lower bar of the price of a smartphone? I mean, in your cheapest smartphone, Realme C2 (which costs less than 8 thousand rubles in Russia), the eight-core MediaTek Helio P22 is installed.

But there are still all sorts of slightly less powerful Qualcomm or MediaTek processors. Or still eight-core Unisoc, which, judging by the released smartphones, will cost even cheaper. Is this not a good reason to make a smartphone that will be even cheaper than Realme C2, will fly in huge batches and make you more popular?

Realme may seem like a maximalist producer, but in reality we are careful not to go to thoughtless extremes, and we can always justify the expediency of a specific processor in a specific model of our smartphone. For example, Helio P22 in Realme C2 stands because we believe that this is the processor from which the smartphone becomes fast enough for comfortable use. I would not want to make a slightly cheaper, but much slower model – I would like to maintain the bar of quality and the reputation of the manufacturer of fast mobile phones.

Although this, of course, is not the final decision – the new processors come out continuously, and, who knows, perhaps their very youngest modifications will soon be so fast that the record-breaking smartphones will already be quick enough. From time to time, we evaluate how our branded shell, taking into account the current version of Android, will work on one or another new hardware, and we are always ready to create even more affordable smartphones, if the processor is fast enough so that the smartphone can be used with pleasure, and not “overcoming”.

Why are there so few Chinese smartphones with pure Android
A cheap smartphone is not only a low-fat processor, but also a lighter version of Android. In low-cost models, manufacturers now install Android Go, created specifically for low-power smartphones, or at least “clean” Android One without branded shells. So does, for example, Nokia in all its smartphones, and Xiaomi in individual models. Why don’t you do the same?

We have not yet been inspired by the idea of ​​a “bare” system and believe that a fast-working smartphone with a fully equipped shell will be a more interesting choice for buyers. Popular functions should already be included in the firmware initially, otherwise smartphone owners will have to spend time and nerves searching for what is missing in the smartphone. And the functions built into the shell, as a rule, consume less resources and work more reliably than their counterparts from third-party manufacturers.

Independence for the sake of independence makes little sense. Yes, our shell is based on ColorOS, but we have a development team that collects wishes from customers and precisely supplements the shell with new functions, and there are programmers who are engaged in the prompt elimination of any software problems. Now that’s enough for us.

Well, at least in all kinds of services do you plan to dive? How fashionable is it now – a payment service (Huawei Pay, for example) or other subscriptions to music, films and games on special conditions for customers?

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