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Budget Alcatel smartphone with Xiaomi level features, but cheaper

Mobile phones are a type of technology in which there are no eternal authorities. Who was nobody, that will become everything that we observe on the example of Chinese manufacturers. And vice versa: the death (let’s be honest) of HTC and the half-dead state of Sony and LG prove it well. Alcatel always remained somewhere in the middle of the fight, but it had long ceased to be torn into premium and, conversely, was trying to offer an alternative to the cheapest “Chinese”. And today we have a smartphone with characteristics slightly better than the budget Xiaomi, but even cheaper. All this, in the good sense of the word, is alarming, so today we will check whether the fresh budget Alkatels are able to compete with the “Chinese luxury”.

Android operating system 9.0 Pie
IPS LCD screen, 5.5 “, 18: 9, 720 x 1440, 293 PPI
Unisoc SC9863A processor, 8 cores Cortex-A55 1.6 GHz
Graphics IMG PowerVR GE8322
32 GB drive, microSD support up to 128 GB
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11n, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, GLONASS
Cameras Dual main camera: 13 MP (f / 2.0, 1/3 ”) and 2 MP, front: 5 MP (f / 2.2)
3060 mAh battery
Dimensions 147.8 X 70.7 X 8.6 mm
Weight 182 g

A strange feeling – it seems that not so long ago 5.5-inch mobile phones were considered medium-sized, but now you take such a miracle in your hands and marvel at how small it is! If you are used to holding a huge “shovel” in your hand with a six-inch display and standard frames, then imagine that after such a huge shovel, you picked up the TV remote control. Sensations will be about the same.

In 2019, almost no one does this already, and the new smartphone with even frames instead of a cutout at the top of the screen looks somehow … not so. God forbid, Honor 9 Lite also looked a year and a half ago. Not so long ago, but, as you can see, the typical design of smartphones has since left a lot of water.

The “face” of the smartphone is covered with glass with rounded edges (something that used to be advertised as 2.5D glass. ”It looks beautiful, but casting a protective glass on the rounded glass is a nervous activity. And you have to do it because there’s no screen oleophobic coating. This means that it will always be dirty, as if you smeared ice cream snot on it. Does a protective glass with its own oleophobic coating eliminate this problem, but how often do people buy such reservation with a smartphone worth 6 thousand rubles?

Unlike many new smartphones with cutouts in the screen, here is a familiar and complete layout of the front panel. This I say that the LED for notifications is in place, and the front camera and the light sensor are placed symmetrically on the sides of the earpiece. Therefore, there are no questions why the upper frame is needed. But the “chin” from the bottom is already more difficult to justify, because it would be possible to place touch buttons on it, which, unfortunately, are drawn on the already small 5.5-inch screen and eat its useful area.

The design of the sample of 2018 in a smartphone, without cutouts in the screen, is either an advantage or a disadvantage. Depends on your personal attitude to smartphone fashion

Most budget Alcatel 1S pleases, yes, imagine – design! A plastic case with a polished “metal” texture is an ageless and very practical classic. Four years ago, low-cost Acer smartphones received a similar design, but now Alcatel has mastered the same technique and done it right!

Because the smartphone is beautiful in appearance, not slippery, not easily soiled and durable. But also not fashionable – against the manner of sculpting glossy plastic models you can’t argue. But until recently, manufacturers just as amicably featured smartphones from “luminium”, and then it was also impossible to find a smartphone from another material.

At the same time, the Alkatele residents got confused and decided to add an interesting element to the plastic case – at the ends there are small smooth bevels at one angle with the bevels on the power and volume keys. It sounds complicated, but live looks very cool.

What do we lose if we buy a smartphone with smooth frames instead of a model with a cutout in the screen? Approximately 0.2 ”diagonal display with the same dimensions. Alcatel offers 5.5 ”where the Huawei Y5 (2019) wrapped 5.71” in the case with the same dimensions. On the other hand, Xiaomi Redmi 7A, which also has no cutouts, did not even reach 5.5 ”- you have to be content with“ defective ”5.45 inches. Trivia, but it’s the buyers of budget smartphones who like to measure seven times before cutting it off once, so just keep in mind that Alcatel has not turned into an “elephant’ ”due to the now-fashionable frames around the screen.

The speaker is loud, but shrill and … “plastic” in sound. It is not suitable for listening to music, but in order to be blown up in the morning by an alarm clock – that’s it. There are two slots for the speaker, but in reality one of them is masking the microphone. You don’t need a stereo for 6 thousand rubles, as you would expect.

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