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If Xiaomi starts to raise prices, that’s what everyone will buy in return – Realme XT

Realme continues to bomb with prices – the novelty, Realme XT, is presented in Russia for only 20 thousand rubles (on pre-order). This is not that very cheap, but judging by the filling – this smartphone can well compete with more expensive competitors from Xiaomi and Honor. And transcend them.

BBK has given birth to more than one smartphone brand. Bend your fingers: OnePlus, Vivo, Oppo, and now Realme. It is interesting that the Realme brand itself, as it were, separated from Oppo, retaining the right to use some of the company’s technologies (including Vooc fast charging) and assemble at the same plants. Moreover, company representatives claim that the percentage of rejects at their plant is much lower than at the same Foxconn, which even collects iPhones. However, I note that today the problem of marriage in smartphones is no longer as acute as, say, about 10 years ago – everything is almost the same for everyone, the technologies have been tested for a long time, and a fallen and surviving smartphone has become more luck than normal.

However, I would like to talk a little more about the connection between Realme and Oppo. The fact is that for a year now my main smartphone has been the Oppo RX17 Pro and so I decided to photograph it with the new Realme XT:

As you can see, on the front side, smartphones can even be confused, except that, Realme XT is a little more. However, the filling in smartphones is also almost the same (with a slight increase in favor of Realme XT). And why am I even talking about this? The official price of the Oppo RX17 Pro both at the start and now is 50 thousand rubles. And Realme XT enters the market with a price of 20 thousand rubles. It is clear that in Oppo they overdid the price – 30-35 thousand would be just right. However, Realme’s pricing policy resembles the arrival of Xiaomi in the Russian market – in a good way. Given that Xiaomi has now stopped playing charity and flagship prices have crawled up, Realme has every chance to take its place.

Well, the last thing I want to note before the review itself. Worldwide, Realme XT ships without an NFC module, but! It was for Russia that the company brought a model with NFC. On the test, however, I had a model designed for the Philippines market – it not only lacked NFC, but, according to representatives, face recognition was set specifically for Asian appearance. True, I doubt the last one – firstly, people with Asian faces live in Russia, it would be strange to exclude them, and secondly, there were no problems recognizing my absolutely Slavic face for the whole time of testing on the phone.

But if you see further screenshots in the text in which there is no setting with NFC – know, I’m not trying to fool you and this is not a mistake.

So, if the front of the Realme XT is like two drops of water similar to the Oppo RX17 Pro, then from the back it resembles a kind of averaged Huawei / Honor:

By the way, the kit includes a silicone case – but this is now the norm for the Chinese. The cover is true, in my opinion, a bit thick. Without a cover, wearing a smartphone is nicer. In addition, I note that a film is glued from the box to the screen. This, however, is often found today.

At the bottom, it’s nice to see not only USB-C, but also a 3.5 mm port for a headset. And even FM radio is supported here. By the way, the Oppo RX17 Pro does not have such functionality.

The location of the camera block I prefer with Oppo – there they are in the center and the smartphone, lying on its back without a cover, lies flat. In Realme XT, if you remove the cover, then one side will be higher than the other. The cover, however, also has a small ledge.

The fingerprint scanner is built into the screen here – I won’t talk about it for long, I’ll just say that it works fine. Accurately, quickly, accurately.

Well, and the last – the slot for SIM cards and a memory card is separate here, that is, two SIM cards and a card are installed.

I note that the Oppo RX17 Pro mentioned above does not have a memory card slot at all.

Screen and interface
The Realme XT uses a 6.4-inch Full-HD + screen with Samsung’s Super AMOLED sensor. The measured parameters on the screen are decent, but it’s a pity that we do not have a device for measuring PWM in the editorial office. The fact is that in the smartphone itself there is a setting that reduces PWM, namely so that the eyes are strained less. Unfortunately, I could not objectively measure its influence.

Realme XT
Maximum brightness level (min./max.) 440 / 1,97 cd / m2
Contrast (more = better) endless
Color gamut (sRGB) (90-100% – ideal, more = worse) 100%
DeltaE (less = better) 5.93
Gamma (ideal – 2.2) 2.3
Color temperature (ideal = 6500K) 7500K
Subjectively, there are no complaints about the screen. Yes, I personally love IPS more, but among AMOLED screens, Realme XT is doing well and no worse than its more expensive competitors. And there’s HDR support, which the Oppo RX17 Pro didn’t have yet.

The smartphone’s software is based on Android 9 and the Color OS 6 shell. Yes, also like Oppo, but specifically my RX17 Pro still works on Color OS 5.2 (updates come out, but the version doesn’t “switch”) and I really miss the calendar widget in the “Intelligent Assistant”. Otherwise, I find Color OS one of the most convenient and functional shells.

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