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Vivo NEX 3

Agree, the current flagship smartphones lack real uncompromisingness. Everything is boring. Cutouts in the display? Still with us in one form or another. Frameless? Due to the “chins” or other half measures it is still not there. Curved displays? Gradually even out at Samsung. And if you imagine in your head a smartphone of a real maximalist, but not with Samsung sauce, nothing comes to mind. But there is such a smartphone, and its name is Vivo NEX 3. Futuristic and interesting than Xiaomi flagships and other Chinese phones.

Vivo NEX 3
Android OS 9.0 Pie + Funtouch OS 9.1
Screen 6.89 “, POLED, 2256 × 1080 p., 363 ppi
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, Kryo 485 2.96 GHz + 3x Kryo 485 2.42 GHz + 4x Kryo 485 1.8 GHz
Graphics Adreno 640
128 GB storage
Connectivity NFC, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5., GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Cameras The main triple: matrix resolution: 64 megapixels + 13 megapixels + 13 megapixels, aperture: f / 1.8 + f / 2.2 + f / 2.48 Front: 16 megapixels, aperture: f / 2.09
4500 mAh battery
Dimensions 167.44 × 76.14 × 9.4 mm
Weight 217.3 g
Screen waterfall? Not “lol, what?”, But get used to the new name – it will be available to everyone soon
Waterfall FullView is a beautiful new marketing name for a rounded screen, but not just taken from the ceiling. Vivo clearly has a reason to give such a name – the screen is curved and pulled to the side faces much further than all the closest competitors do. Samsung used to have fun in this way, but since the Galaxy S7 edge, the Koreans have made the bending of the screen less and less radical. But in Vivo we went the opposite way, and now the screen does not take away space from the side faces, but is their foundation, so to speak.

Because of this, the feeling of use changes markedly. Side frames are missing as a class. And if you consider that the upper and lower frames are also minimized (yes, almost no chins), then the “bare” screen with a diagonal of almost 7 inches is on the palm of your hand. It only upsets that the Quad HD + resolution wasn’t “delivered” on such a screen. But now it’s such a time that even in Sony’s flagships there is no longer true 4K resolution, as it was before, and in expensive Huawei this Quad HD + is only used for the autumn Mate models, not the P20 Pro / P30 Pro.

And the rest, borrowing the idea of ​​rounded screens from the Samsung Edge line is a good thing. True, not all manufacturers decide on such a step. At one time, even Xiaomi did something similar in Mi Note 2, but then all their enthusiasm came to naught. But the idea is, if we exclude the fragility factor, it’s not bad, because we already learned to turn off the touch response on the sides in the firmware, and due to the screen stretched along the most ai-ai-yi, the smartphone looks cooler than all competitors.

The best combination of processor power and battery capacity among all smartphones
This is a very hardy smartphone. The bundle of 4,500 mAh and the Snapdragon 855 alone is very good in terms of energy consumption. Add another POLED display here and you get, in theory, a very good autonomy. Fortunately, Vivo learned how to optimize software and hardware and do it well. Just look at our battery test of the recently released Vivo V17 Neo.

Anyway, where did you see in the flagship a battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh or more? Yes, there is an ASUS ZenFone 6 with 5000 mAh, but due to the gluttonous IPS-display (and, possibly, the crooked hands of the firmware developers), it discharges faster than Huawei and Samsung with 4000 mAh. And this is even taking into account the fact that Samsung is also famous for the alternative talent of its engineers in terms of power consumption of Exynos processors.

And in Vivo NEX 3 we have 4500 mAh and Snapdragon 855 Plus – the fastest processor with the best (OLED + relatively low screen resolution guarantee) autonomy. The other day, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro will be released and I think it will pack a no less capacious battery, but “still you look at this world and you look at these pants!”. See what Qualcomm is and what HiSilicon is.

Camera. More precisely, cameras
What do they say there? Everything is a remix, but there are only seven notes? Judging by the new smartphones this fall, borrowing from others is not so bad. The main thing is to adapt this borrowing normally.

What do we see on the back of the Vivo NEX 3? Right! We see how Vivo designers say hello to their colleagues from Motorola. In general, redrawing the design of the Moto Z (2016 smartphone) has become very fashionable today. A little earlier, just a week and a half ago, the same design of the back cover was stolen by HMD Global for the new Nokia. Next in line for copying is Huawei. Yes, such a number of imitators, even the iPhone did not dream!

The design remains design, but we are more interested in which cameras were put into the new flagship. A set of three modules is already the standard for this year, as are 48 MP core modules. But Vivo went further and delivered a sensor with a resolution of 64 MP (Samsung Bright GW1 sensor) as the main module.

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