This phone has turned Samsung from a loser into a “king of the hill" - Samsung C100
All legendary phones can be divided into flagships with memories “I never had that much money, but always dreamed of buying it” and state employees “I got enough for that,…

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A smartphone that Xiaomi marketers despise, but you'll love - Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K20 Pro)
No one is so humiliating Redmi’s own subsidiary as the Xiaomi marketers themselves - a smartphone that was created under the name Redmi K20 Pro and which was originally supposed…

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Features of an inexpensive smartphone
Most users dream of buying an inexpensive smartphone that has the maximum capabilities. It is not so easy for a professional to do this. Often the difference and the possibilities…

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Now, no one will circle the iPhone for sure: the results of the autumn presentation of Apple 2019

Of all Apple presentations, autumn is the most popular. She captivates most of the audience because they show on her new iPhone, which they then sketch … However, it was like that before. For some reason, it seems to me that no one will write new iPhones – on the contrary, they themselves look like a copy of a cheap parody of themselves. But let’s talk not only about iPhones, but about all the innovations that Apple showed.
Reality has already proven that subscription services bring more money than buying content. In any case, they bring more money to the platform owners (which is what concerns the artists themselves, performers, etc. nobody cares except the artists and performers themselves). Therefore, the previously announced gaming service Apple Arcade and the “Netflix analogue” – Apple TV +, will be launched this fall (Arcade – September 19, TV + – November 1) at a price of $ 4.99 each. Per month. Moreover, this is the price immediately for the family. That is, if you have wife and child accounts attached to your Apple ID account, then they can also play all Arcade games at once and watch TV shows and programs on TV + without any restrictions.

Moreover, Apple is not fools and have already enlisted the support of famous names in their field. Games for Arcade presented Konami (there is another variation of Frogger) and Capcom. Well, in the series for TV +, famous and popular actors are shot.

It’s especially interesting that Apple claims that content is exclusive – that is, you can’t play games from Arcade anywhere else, nor can you watch TV shows from TV +.

Konami demonstrates the exclusive version of Frogger – which we don’t feel sorry for ourselves, apparently

And here I, as an avid gamer and host of the gaming YouTube channel, allow myself skepticism. That Apple understands television, I have no doubt, but with games here everything is complicated. So far, none of what I saw in the Arcade library has caused a desire to play this.

I am not against simple arcades, timekillers, etc. Yes, mobile games as a whole are of very poor quality (whatever the graphics), but among them there are quite good specimens with even some kind of fascinating gameplay. But in the fact that already at the second presentation they show for Apple Arcade I do not see anything interesting. Say, there will not be these games on other platforms? Yes, and please.

Just take the closest analogue to the Apple Arcade subscription from the world of games – the Xbox Game Pass. What happened there? Here Gears 5 came out – a first-class action movie with a story mode and the possibility of cooperative passage, several network modes. He also has a long history since the Xbox 360 and an army of loyal fans. And it’s free for owners of the subscription on the first day.

Or Forza Horizon 4 – the best arcade race to date with realistic cars. And in the Game Pass are available Prey, Fallout 4, Dead Cells, Metro: Exodus, Devil May Cry 5 – and hundreds of other games: interesting, deserving a lot of praise from critics and players.

What about Apple Arcade? Another reincarnation of Frogger, and judging by the presentation, is far from the best. Even 10-15 years ago I saw a much cooler version of Frogger.

Once we had one iPad, which was simply updated every year, getting better. Then they added the iPad mini, but it did not last long (they still sell it, but if they update it, it would be reluctant and without voicing the details). The appearance of the iPad Pro was justified: both the 12-inch screen (in the first model) and the support of the pen (stylus) with tracking of pressing force – for artists and designers. The 10-inch iPad Pro was also understandable – it’s the same, but more compact. The iPad Air is simply a lightweight and slightly more compact iPad.

Now … Now we have three roughly identical iPads (even four – after all, the iPad Pro still exists in two sizes), and they all support the Apple Pencil. Now I’m going straight away and I won’t say how the iPad Air 10.5 differs from the new iPad 10.5 – you need to go to the official website and compare the characteristics. He climbed in and looked: Air has a slightly higher resolution (is there really a penny – why?), It is slightly thinner, the processor is newer, and there is more memory.

Well, yes, it has become more powerful, faster. As always. Unless the price is exciting – $ 329 for the minimum configuration. Or 28 thousand rubles (official Russian price). The cheapest full-size portable smart gadget from Apple. For those to whom iPad Air from 43 thousand is expensive. But the iPad Air has a minimum of 64 GB of memory, while the “just” iPad has 32 GB. At the maximum – 256 GB and 128 GB, respectively, but there are no other options.

In short, the illusion of choice, because there will be nuances that no one talks about – for example, the distance from the screen itself (matrix) to the glass surface. In the previous budget model, it was unforgivably large by modern standards. In short, take a low price – first meticulously examine the goods in the store.

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