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Sony at IFA 2019: a smaller version of Xperia and a lot of high-quality sound

Sony has chosen in Berlin far from the smallest pavilion, because there are many new products. New technologies in headphones, a couple of brand-new cameras from the Alpha series and a new flagship (in fact, the same Xperia 1) in a compact body. However, most of the pavilion is almost everything that we saw before, so we are only interested in new items.
Xperia 5
Fighting for the stand with the Sony Xperia 5 was extremely problematic and it was not entirely clear whether it was worth it. The company could not do something fundamentally new. The main camera is now located like almost all other smartphones on the market, the processor is the same as in Xperia 1. Thank you for at least not pushing the bangs.

Sony Xperia 5

At the same time, you can’t call a compact smartphone. For a six-inch smartphone, 15 cm in length is the standard size for almost any smartphone today. We take Honor 20, we apply a ruler and … 15 centimeters! Okay, after Xperia 1 it really seems compact, but if only you close your eyes to the rest of the market. And so this is just a marketing ploy. After all, it is necessary to somehow lure buyers to revive the half-dead mobile unit.

As for the insides of the smartphone, then everything is completely ambiguous. The filling is the same, but the battery was cut off. Now 3140 mAh versus 3330 in Xperia 1. And what will happen with autonomy can be guessed from the data in our review of the older brother Xperia 5.

It is hoped that the price tag will not be as biting as at the start of sales at Xperia 1.

Sony Xperia 5
Android 9.0 Pie / Android 10 Operating System
Screen 6.1 “, 2520 × 1080 pixels, 21: 9, AMOLED, 2520 × 1080 pixels (21: 9), 449 ppi
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, Kryo 485 2.84 GHz + 3x Kryo 485 2.42 GHz + 4x Kryo 485 1.8 GHz
Graphics Adreno 640
128 GB drive + microSD
Connectivity NFC, LTE, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac), Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Cameras The main triple: matrix resolution: 12 megapixels + 12 megapixels + 12 megapixels, aperture: f / 1.6 + f / 2.4 + f / 2.4 video quality: up to 2160 @ 30 FPS Front: matrix resolution: 8 aperture : f / 2.0
3140 mAh battery
Dimensions 158x68x8.2 mm
Weight 164 g
Price Not Announced
Sound and technology
One of the most interesting technologies that Sony has revealed is 360 Reality Audio. Using a special application, you can scan the auricle, and the algorithms will make a mathematical model of the structure of the ear and help you adjust the sound so that the user feels the whole beauty of the sound by optimizing the sound and its distribution according to a slightly different principle than during normal playback.

360 Reality Audio booth

360 Reality Audio, which was developed for realistic sound reproduction in headphones, is based on studies of the acoustic and physiological perception of sound. Such digital processing can create surround sound images at any distance from you, not limited to the horizontal plane of the distribution of channels, as in the same stereo mode.

In addition to a rather interesting technology, Sony also showed the WI-1000XM2 wireless hybrid headphones, which are equipped with an electronic noise reduction system and support for working with voice assistants.


By the way, the use of a hybrid design of emitters is a good idea, but for some reason it is not used everywhere, although it produces a very, very good sound at the output, without distorting either low or high frequencies. Noise reduction is carried out thanks to the QN1 processor, which is endowed with the functions of 32-bit audio signal processing.

In addition to the numerous headphones that were almost on all stands, one could notice one rather interesting thing, namely the Walkman NW-A100TPS, released in honor of the 40th anniversary of the release of the first cassette player from Sony. In fact, this is a regular modern Android player, but with one pleasant surprise. The player comes with a silicone case that repeats the look of the legendary pioneer in the world of portable music. Cool? Almost.

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