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A good smartphone that you don’t notice due to worship of the “Chinese” - LG G8s ThinQ
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Why are Chinese smartphones still worse than their counterparts from Apple and Samsung

A good Chinese smartphone is a cheap Chinese smartphone. Otherwise, we all would still buy exclusively Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and other classics. Only today, the Chinese “knelt down”, caught up with Samsung and are rapidly pulling toward Apple. At the same time, there are still moments in which Chinese technology lags behind more eminent competitors. At least for today.
In order to answer your abuse in advance in the comments (which I’m sure will definitely appear), I’ll say that for almost every point below there are exceptions. But, as a rule, almost in the singular, and there are no Chinese smartphones that would immediately refute all claims below. That is, these exceptions are exactly what the rule confirms.

Shooting a video
Yes, yes, who’s talking about something, and I’m again about video filming. Unfortunately, although the Chinese are making incredible progress in the field of photography (since the time of the Huawei P9, if you look for the origins, and with the P20 Pro, if you consider the starting point the stage when the Chinese caught up with the iPhone and Samsung), the video remains almost without attention. In the latest generation, Huawei / Honor is better than it was (and there was horror-horror in general), but still far from the top three Apple / Samsung / LG. The closest to the “ideal” is Xiaomi, but even there, the difference is noticeable to the naked eye.

Moreover, one of the constant problems of video recording among the Chinese is the stabilization work curve. Even if the camera has a decent stabilizer, for some reason it is not used for video, or it works so poorly that the video “floats” or twitches.

Well, 4K is generally fear and pain. In most cases, shooting in this resolution leads to vyrviglazy saturation of colors, and as an additional option – a constant twitching of the picture. But in the specifications you can write “shooting video up to 4K” – it looks beautiful!

Exception: Huawei Mate 30 Pro with a separate camera for shooting video. But in some disciplines (4K 30 fps with stabilization, 1080p 60 fps with stabilization) Samsung, for example, is still ahead.

Sound quality and stereo speakers
Of course, in the age of Bluetooth headphones, the quality of the sound chip of the smartphone itself does not matter much, but some buyers still prefer to listen to music through a wire, even connecting this wire to USB-C or Lightning, rather than to a traditional 3.5 mm (which you’ll meet less and less today).

So here. Almost always, the Chinese do not care about high-quality DACs. At the same time, all the same, without forgetting at the presentations to talk about some incredible sound, which in fact is equal to the usual sound + equalizer (primitive). The flagships of Samsung, Apple, Sony and LG with the DAC still sound better.

Exception: ZTE Axon 7. An old and long-discontinued smartphone, but with the highest quality sound that has ever been in Chinese mobile phones. Among the new ones – the Vivo NEX 3 with the Asahi Kasei AK4377 chip sounds more or less decent

It’s also sad that the “Chinese” are getting rid of stereo speakers. More precisely, they “get rid” – it is said loudly. Stereo speakers were in, let us assume, the old Meizu flagships (15th and others) that have already left, and the Huawei P20 Pro, which are also not very common, are already on sale. Among the reasonably priced aging flagship flagships, only the Huawei Mate 20 / Mate 20 Pro has one, while the new flagship Huawei has already one speakerphone, and almost all smartphones have not had such a luxury in Xiaomi since Xiaomi Mi 6 (2017 .). The only exception was the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, although stereo speakers have already amputated in the new Mi 9 and Mi Mix 3. Lenovo does not have flagship smartphones either in Vivo, or in conditionally Chinese Motorola (Lenovo’s “daughter”), and Nokia (Foxconn’s “illegitimate daughter”).

Exceptions: OnePlus 7 / 7T and ZTE Axon 10 Pro are the Chinese flagships of the 2019 model year with stereo speakers. There are almost none left today.

Water protection
Do you know when the old smartphone manufacturers got IP68 waterproof? In 2013 – it was the Sony Xperia Z1. And in 2018, water protection appeared in Korean LG and Samsung worth 20-23 thousand rubles.

Do you know when water protection appeared in the “elite Chinese”? In 2018, the Huawei P20 Pro. Moreover, it was IP67 waterproof (more sparing according to the test conditions), and IP68 was wrapped only in the Mate 20 Pro at the end of 2018 for a minimum of 77 thousand rubles. And this is at least some kind of option, because all sorts of ZTE, Xiaomi, Oppo and Honor to this day do not grow their hands from the place to make waterproof smartphones.

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