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Why Samsung smartphones are among the safest and most secure in the world

History goes in a circle. When mobile phones just started appearing on sale, they seemed to be a technique that could not be created by “mere mortals,” or inexperienced companies. In the era of smartphones, everyone gradually got used to the fact that a lot of companies have learned to wrap up the display, cameras, battery and processor. And only a little later we learned to appreciate the gadgets thought out to the smallest detail. Today we will tell you in which nuances of the Samsung Galaxy differ for the better in comparison with the usual smartphones.
Despite the fact that marketers sing songs about “premium user experience from the moment of purchase”, the honesty of a smartphone manufacturer cannot be felt or seen from the very first seconds of use. When you pick up a smartphone for the first time, you will only be able to assess whether all those megapixels, megahertz and mAh, which were mentioned in the table with characteristics, work normally in it. More subtle matters in a smartphone become clear either over time or according to expert reports. And experts say the following:

Safe smartphone – a smartphone with minimal radiation from cellular and Wi-Fi
Since mobile phones ceased to look like “bricks” with external antennas, everyone sharply stopped thinking about the radiation of cellular communications and its harm to health. More precisely, it was simply not fashionable to talk about such a factor, but scientists did not stop their research on the effect of smartphones on the human body, and came to interesting conclusions. Do you, every time you read that smartphones have reached new speed records of 100 Mbit / s, or even 1 Gbit / s, assume that such data streams in radio waves bypass your body on the tenth road?

Yes, and the scenario for using phones has changed – on the one hand, before the radiation in cellular communications was more intense, and conversations with the handset at the ear (and the brain, for a minute) were longer. On the other hand, phones were worn in holsters at a distance from body tissues, or in jackets rather than trousers. And these phones did not exchange hundreds of megabytes with cell towers, with or without. Therefore, the issue of radiation does not lose its relevance, although studying it is not as exciting as the power of the processor cores or the effect of megapixels in the camera on the quality of the photo. We have to raise research.

And the latest ratings of the 2019 sample say that the safest smartphones in terms of radiation level are Samsung. Both flagship and inexpensive models.

The belief that smartphones do not hack is also similar to the belief that cars are not stolen – at first it seems that “if something is there, but rarely and is unlikely to happen to me,” and then it’s too late. And here is how things really are.

“Virus victims are not always me.”
Yes of course. True, computer experts have a saying that people are divided into those who do not back up data, those who already do, and those who not only do, but also check the possibility of their recovery. And smartphones also have a similar classification, only in the conversation about viruses.

No, we’re not joking – there are ways to easily hack smartphones, and they have been working successfully since 2017, you can read the article if you want.

In general, there are viruses, and they are quite cunningly designed, but now we will drown in details and clarifications, if we begin to list them all. More importantly, what to do now?

Security and System Updates
The foundation is as old as the world, but still relevant. In the push-button era, when the entire Internet on smartphones consisted of connecting to ICQ and “turning on the application and checking e-mail”, manufacturers could afford to release a single firmware. If there were no critical shortcomings with which the smartphone would be “buggy”, they did not even think of releasing any updates for it.

And today, smartphones are constantly online, constantly updating applications, and, in terms of software, are arranged almost more complicated than desktop computers. And where the systems are complex and large, there is always room for hacking.

This is understood not only by smartphone manufacturers, but also by Google. For example, most recently, Android updates have become monthly. Yes, every 30 days, if I may say so, a fresh “anti-virus database” comes out, with which all existing methods of hacking your smartphone stop working. And Samsung smartphones receive such updates on time – you can take his Galaxy from a friend and view the report on previous update dates, or make sure on your smartphone. Or read the full report on Android about which hacking methods were closed by the new monthly update.

Bored? Probably yes – updating the icons and animations of the volume bar in the shells is much more fun. But the guarantee is higher that the smartphone will work stably, and this is its main task.

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