Alarm clock in smartphone
Morning rise is such a delicate moment in the life of every person, especially for “owl” people, for whom waking up in the morning means to die, and so every…

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What determines the quality of photos in a smartphone
Just a few years ago, a camera on a mobile device was perceived by users as something completely unbelievable and therefore even more desirable. It is ridiculous to recall how…

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Sony at IFA 2019: a smaller version of Xperia and a lot of high-quality sound
Sony has chosen in Berlin far from the smallest pavilion, because there are many new products. New technologies in headphones, a couple of brand-new cameras from the Alpha series and…

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Smartphone for older woman

It is not always true that smartphones are useless to people of advanced age, and button mobiles would be more convenient. Everything is changing and modern touch phones are quite convenient and have a large font for display, and the modern generation of older people is quite easy to navigate gadgets, communicates with relatives, friends and friends on Skype or Vatsap, create photos, videos, and many even they read news, correspond in social networks and surf the Internet quite well. So a smartphone for a woman 60+ is a natural component of everyday life, like for any other active person. Initially, the problem can only occur in the use of the touch screen due to small icons (due to possible impaired vision and motor skills) and an extensive multi-function menu, but you must not forget that the menu icons can be made larger, thanks to the settings, and after a few days of operation, there will be no trace of the complexity of management.

When choosing a smartphone for women of elegant age, it is necessary to take into account the needs for functions for a particular person, because not all women are the same and their needs are also different. For example, one lady will never consider a smartphone from a technical point of view, her motto is “the simpler, the better, the main thing is to call”, the other way around – has an active life position, prefers to be in the rhythm of life, is not averse to master video calls for communication with friends, you won’t have a good camera to create a photo frame or save important information, etc. In the latter case, you can’t do without a smartphone, and, if possible, you should give preference to devices with a camera of 12 megapixels and a resolution of 720×1280.

choosing a smartphone.jpg When considering suitable phones for a modern 60+ woman, it is important to understand that the menu of all phones will be very similar. And, what you really need to pay attention to is that the battery should be more powerful and the display should not be too small, ideally the optimal diagonal of the device should be 5-6 inches, because there are a lot of advantages of such a screen:

It is convenient to dial a number in large numbers, SMS, letters with instant messengers, view the phone book;

Watching family photos and videos on such a screen is one sheer pleasure;

Reading books, news, surfing the Internet on a larger screen is more comfortable, the font can be configured larger;

Do not forget about toys, if there is a need, yes, some women, even at 60-70, also love to play games on their smartphones;

5-6 inches is the best option for ease of use – such a device fits well in the palm of the hand due to its small thickness, fits in the pocket of a coat or bag, and answering calls is also convenient;

If it is important to charge the phone as little as possible, then you should pay attention to devices with a capacious battery, for example, the Highscreen brand, in the assortment of which there are always phones with a large battery. In combination with a great price and guarantee, buying Highscreen smartphones is the right choice.

good smartphone highscreen.jpg ADAPTING A SMARTPHONE UNDER NEEDS
A smartphone for a 60+ woman should have a large readable font, make loud calls enough, have a convenient menu and contain useful applications. All this can be quite simply configured in the smartphone.

Increase the font for the menu

Without taking the time from the future owner of the smartphone, we can immediately increase the font to a comfortable size, taking into account the visual acuity of the future user. By the way, many consumers use it, regardless of age. We go into the settings of the smartphone, go to the “Device” section and in the “Screen” sub-item, select the “Font Size” option (depending on the model in question, the font size setting scheme may vary slightly). Attention will be presented to several options, we need to choose a large font or a huge one.

Font for messages

For a comfortable set of messages, you can simply flip the phone to a horizontal position, thereby changing the location of the information, so the buttons become larger and more adaptable to the fingers of a person.

Increase the incoming call volume

You can increase the ringer volume standardly using the side volume buttons when the smartphone on Android is in standby mode by pressing the up key to the maximum, then, while in the corresponding application, it is possible to adjust the volume of the melody and notifications, alarm clock, conversation, etc. By the same side volume button, you can set the speaker level to a maximum during the actual conversation on the phone, in order to hear the interlocutor’s speech louder.


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