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Before buying a new mobile phone, the consumer studies the characteristics of the devices, wanting to get to the point and own the perfect device. At the same time, often…

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Cheap smartphones with a large highscreen battery
When choosing a new smartphone model, the consumer almost always pays attention to the battery capacity, as The autonomy of a smartphone today is more relevant than ever. Despite this…

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If Xiaomi starts to raise prices, that's what everyone will buy in return - Realme XT
Realme continues to bomb with prices - the novelty, Realme XT, is presented in Russia for only 20 thousand rubles (on pre-order). This is not that very cheap, but judging…

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How to make Wi-Fi distribution on Android

Android smartphones have almost unlimited possibilities, many operations can be performed using specialized programs, manufacturers integrate especially important functions into devices directly. Most smartphones running Android OS, starting with version 2.2, are equipped with such a useful and popular function as a wireless Wi-Fi access point that allows you to connect up to five other devices to the Internet: smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc.

The relevance of using the phone as an access point to the Internet is due to the fact that most electronic devices are equipped with a manufacturer with only one wireless interface for accessing the Internet, which, far from the Wai-Fi access point, makes them useless in operation. The advantage in this case of using a smartphone is that the device can be used as a router and, using your device as a modem, you can provide more than one device with the distribution of the Internet.

It’s important to remember that distributing Wi-Fi to Android is the mobile Internet, so before you turn your device into a kind of router, it’s important to clarify the terms of the tariff plan of the mobile operator. Also, it is important to turn off the automatic update of installed applications on your smartphone in order to eliminate additional costs.

user has a smartphone.jpgTo make an access point to the Internet for Android from an smartphone, including the HighScreen brand, there is no need for additional equipment, you should only follow simple instructions:

• First of all, you need to go to the general settings of the smartphone, then to “Wireless networks”. As a rule, at the end of the proposed list is the option “More …” (depending on the model in question, the menu may vary slightly);
• In the menu of this option, select the sub-item “Modem and access point”;
• From the proposed list of actions, you must select “Wi-Fi hotspot”: check the box or move the slider;
• Next, in the same list of actions, select “Wi-Fi access point settings” and in the “SSID of the network” window, enter the name of the created network, preferably in Latin, so the network will be displayed more correctly;
• In the settings of the Wi-Fi access point in the “Security” sub-item, you must select WPA2 PSK, which will protect the network from unauthorized access by unauthorized users;
• Below in the line “Password” we invent and enter a security password for the network and click “Save”, after which the system will automatically redirect to the menu “Modem and access point”.

To activate the created network access point:

• Once again we put a tick or slider near the “Wi-Fi access point” and the corresponding icon will appear on the smartphone’s status bar;
• Next, we take the device that needs to be connected to the network: a tablet, laptop, game console, etc., run a Wi-Fi scan on it;
• Connect to the network, enter the password, and if everything is done correctly, the system will automatically notify you of the connection and Wi-Fi distribution on Android will begin.

When creating a new Wi-Fi access point, you can sometimes encounter some troubles. So, it often happens that a mobile device cannot detect a network, even if it is running. The problem may occur because the antivirus application or firewall is blocking the connection. To solve the problem, you must temporarily disable them.

If after turning on Wi-Fi the Internet in the mobile device still does not work, the reason for this may be just the fact that the owner of the device simply forgot to set up shared access. To configure it, you need to go to the “Network and Sharing Center.”

If a window pops up on a laptop or tablet saying that it is not possible to start the network, then the wireless adapter is disabled on it. We go into the device settings and turn on Wi-Fi.

Hi-screen data transfer.jpg There is a quite logical question about why special applications are needed if you can use the classic settings: instead of having to perform the same manipulations every time you need Wi-Fi distribution on Android, you can simply click on the existing icon on the desktop and start the process.
WiFi Tether for Root Users
To use this program, the user needs access to Root rights. The application has a convenient widget. The downside may be that the activity of the program quickly discharges the battery. Its advantage is automatic shutdown after a set period of time when requests from other devices are not received. It also helps to solve the problem of overheating; for convenience, the thermometer is displayed in the application window.

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