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6-inch smartphones

Today, smartphones with a screen of 5 inches are actively losing their popularity. Just a few years ago, five-inch phones were at the peak of their fame, and it would seem that an even larger screen would make the gadget uncomfortable, but everything changed. Such displays were replaced by new technologies and devices with 6-inch screens. Stereotypes about huge uncomfortable “shovels” began to recede into the past, for which there are justified explanations.

The new models of smartphones 2019 are strikingly different from their counterparts, released years earlier, in addition to the wide functionality, the demanded devices immediately have a slim body, and the frame around the screen takes up the smallest possible space. Thus, due to the optimization of dimensions, reduction of frames and thickness, current models, having a large six-inch display, do not differ in width and height from their predecessors, which had a slightly smaller screen diagonal.

Using a mobile phone equipped with a high-quality large display is extremely comfortable. For a long time, a smartphone has not been exclusively a means for calls and SMS, because the operating system turns them into a small computer, with which we browse the Internet, use navigation, communicate online, create photos, learn languages, read books, use interesting applications and much more . A large 6-inch display creates the convenience of operating the gadget, making viewing information well displayed, while maintaining compact dimensions.

large screen smartphone.jpg
Sometimes, when choosing a new mobile, some people are in doubt, afraid to make a choice with a smartphone with a large display. However, as practice shows, adaptation to an unknown device occurs within a few hours, less often up to several days. Changing an old small device to a device with a widescreen screen, mixed feelings may arise if the latter turns out to be larger, but, as mentioned above, the adaptation is quick and the comfort of using a gadget with a large display remains.

6-inch smartphones with powerful battery
For the functioning of a smartphone with a large screen, a sufficiently powerful battery is required, since a lot of energy is spent on maintaining the operation of such devices, and the socket is not always at hand. Therefore, choosing a 6-inch smartphone, you should definitely look at the characteristics of the device’s battery and the type of matrix that is installed in the smartphone. It is worth paying attention to the presence of a battery over 4000 mAh. For example, in Highscreen Power Five Max 2 smartphones, a decent 5000 mAh battery is built in.

Also, when choosing a device, it must be remembered that TFT matrices are used to produce the cheapest low-resolution smartphones, due to their low cost, and their energy consumption is not very economical. Today, it is worth giving preference to devices that use AMOLED screens – this is energy-saving technology or IPS matrices, subject to the availability of a large-capacity battery.

Among the best offers of 2019, there is a smartphone with a six-inch screen Highscreen Power Five Max 2
highscreen max 2.jpg The gadget is perfectly balanced, having a large screen with high-quality color reproduction and high resolution, it is equipped with a powerful 5000 mAh battery and equipped with advanced features. And, of course, an affordable factor is an important factor for buying Power Five Max 2. The price of a large-screen smartphone pleasantly surprises users; Highscreen Power Five Max 2 has a brilliant balance of cost and functionality, leaving competitors behind. The device is available in two versions, with RAM and internal memory 3/32 and 4/64 GB. Check out the key parameters of this model:


Modifications of RAM and internal memory: 3/32 GB and 4/64 GB
Cost: 9990 rub / 12990 rub
OS: Android 8.1
Screen options: 5.99 “inches, FHD +, IPS, 1080×2160
Cameras: main 16.0 MP / front 8 MP
Octa-core processor, 2.0 GHz, MediaTek MT6763
Battery capacity: Li-pol 5000 mAh
Optional: GPS / GLONASS, 2 SIM cards, micro memory card, fingerprint scanner, W-Fi, 3G, 4G

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