Smartphone for older woman
It is not always true that smartphones are useless to people of advanced age, and button mobiles would be more convenient. Everything is changing and modern touch phones are quite…

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Vivo NEX 3
Agree, the current flagship smartphones lack real uncompromisingness. Everything is boring. Cutouts in the display? Still with us in one form or another. Frameless? Due to the "chins" or other…

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Accelerometer - principle of operation and functionality
Among the most interesting and useful functions of modern smartphones, the automatic screen rotation function, which is provided by a compact device called an accelerometer, deserves special attention. It is…

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Alarm clock in smartphone

Morning rise is such a delicate moment in the life of every person, especially for “owl” people, for whom waking up in the morning means to die, and so every time. And what a blessing that there is such a miracle of engineering technology as an alarm clock, it’s even better that modern smartphones, having a lot of useful options, replace the alarm clock, which can be set individually for you, starting from the number of calls and ending with the choice of melody. Moreover, there are a lot of additional alarm applications, the functionality of which is simply breathtaking. These programs contain such options that not only an ordinary user, but also an experienced user will be able to impress. But first things first.

setting an alarm clock.jpgTo set up an alarm clock in a smartphone running Android OS, you must first go to the Clock application – regardless of the model and name of the mobile device, as well as the version of the operating system, the alarm clock is traditionally located there. Usually this application combines the options for setting the clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer. Go to the desired mode by clicking on the name or icon of the application.

Select the application “Alarm”. Here are a few options for alarms that can be deleted if necessary. It can be an alarm clock for a working week for five days, an alarm clock for a weekend – on Saturday and Sunday. Also, the alarm menu contains “Settings” and an option with a “+” sign to add additional alarms.

Consider the “Settings”. It contains general adjustments that are set for all alarms, without exception, but if you need to change one of the options, some of them can be found in a specific alarm and correct at your discretion. It contains both general and advanced settings. Common include: date and time settings, which can be configured from the network and manually; volume; setting the alarm to work in silent mode; if desired, an increase in volume; the ability to postpone the rise of 1,5,10,15, etc. minutes auto power off after a specified period, as well as the function to turn off the alarm with the volume key. Additional settings may vary depending on the model, for example, you can configure the device to turn on automatically if an alarm is set, set a holiday alarm, and also select a melody and theme as you wish.

setting up a smartphone on Android.jpgTo set up a specific alarm clock, click on the existing option or click on “+” to create a new one. Consider a way to create an alarm from scratch, because in this case, the presented set of settings may be slightly larger. Of course, this menu in different smartphones can have a different interface, but the essence remains the same for everyone. So,

• Time. On the left, select the clock, on the right, the minutes (many alarms reflect the rest of the time before waking up);

• Days of the week. We select the mode “Once”, “Daily” or independently mark the necessary days. There are options (subject to regular system updates) automatic selection of working days and days off;

• Melody and theme. They are also contained in the general settings, and can be individual for individual alarms. In modern mobile devices, you can choose both a theme and a melody from personal playlists. The system usually offers a choice: standard tunes or the folder “Music” (or “Locally”, etc.), for the same way: standard and folders with photos, pictures, screenshots, etc .;

• Vibration. Everything is simple here: either yes or no – we mark our choice with a slider (or a tick);

• Description of the alarm. If there is any important event on this day, you can give him a name. Or if two, three or four alarms are set on different days, to avoid confusion.

That’s all. Now you can return to the general settings and in order to insure yourself enable interval retry, for example, every five minutes.

If the question arises of deleting the previously created alarm, it is necessary, as usual, to go to the “Clock” – “Alarm” and, choosing an unnecessary one, hold the basket icon with the words “Delete” for a long time, then click “Ok” and you’re done.

highscreen power five max 2.JPG
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free
A very interesting alarm clock in the smartphone, its main feature, in addition to the classic settings, is the exceptional mode, specially designed for extremely difficult citizens to “climb”. To stop the melody of the alarm clock, you need to “turn on” the brain and solve an example from mathematics, 5 levels of difficulty are offered for attention. You can select music from the phone’s memory for a melody.

Alarm clock free
Very stylish beautiful, “pleasing sleepy eye” application. An alarm clock is presented in the form of a green liquid crystal electronic clock. It is possible to set a 2×1 widget on the desktop with the current time, day and time of the signal displayed. For a call in the application eleven ringtones are presented.

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