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Powerful dual sim smartphone

There is not a single owner of a mobile phone who would never have encountered the problem of additional expenses for calls to numbers of other mobile operators. Mobile device manufacturers did not solve this problem for a long time, and models with two SIM card slots appeared. Such serious structural changes complicated not only the devices themselves and changed the price tag, a more productive hardware component became necessary, which led to an increase in energy consumption. Problem? Unlikely. Why? Let’s see below.

catalog of smartphones with 2 sim.jpgIt cannot be said that today the purchase of a two-sim smartphone is no longer a problem, the irony is that just a little more and buying a phone with one SIM will be a bigger problem, because the choice of models with two slots for SIM cards is truly huge: for every taste and budget, from untwisted brands to prohibitively cheap Chinese devices. And this is not casual – the advantages of such a phone are many:

For those users who are actively conducting telephone calls, it is easier to control their expenses by sharing the payment of their bills;
For those who are used to clearly sharing their personal lives and work, a powerful smartphone with two sims is a good solution to the problem. Firstly, it’s easier to identify the subscriber, and secondly, choose the optimal rate for calls
Very often, users use one SIM card for communication, and another for unlimited Internet
When traveling, it is convenient to combine two cards for communication on roaming, and for calls to the local mobile operator with an inexpensive tariff plan.

In fact, there are two working options when using two different SIM cards. The first is the purchase of a gadget with slots for two cards, the second is the presence of two different devices, so that each number has its own device. Only personal preferences and amenities affect the final choice of the user. Someone will prefer to strictly separate different communication channels using two smartphones, in order to avoid any confusion, while someone will choose the one device that offers such a function.

The choice of a modern smartphone and its characteristics must begin with the battery and its parameters, as today’s multifunctional mobile devices require a lot of energy. From a powerful battery it will depend on how convenient the phone is in operation, the duration of telephone communication on one charge, because it is very tedious to be constantly tied to a power outlet

Good models of smartphones should be equipped with batteries of at least 3,000 mAh, optimally – from 4,000 mAh, ideally – over 4,000 mAh. The capacious battery provides a longer operating mode.

The combination of these two parameters in one phone is a big force, and HighScreen specialists know this firsthand, just look at the catalog of smartphones of this brand:

Highscreen Power Five Max 2
max 2.jpg Power Five Max 2 belongs to the Power line of smartphones. The unique device has an excellent set of characteristics, in the first place, of course, the most powerful battery with a capacity of 5,000 mAh and the presence of two slots for SIM cards, which allow you to optimally combine the tariffs of mobile operators at your discretion. Additional bonuses: large IPS display, 3/32 GB memory and 4/64 GB version, 8-core processor. The SIM card slot in this gadget is double, combined, which means that it is possible to install either two SIM cards or one SIM card plus a memory card in the device – the client needs to make a choice. The mobile phone has a pleasant laconic design and a rough surface of the case for reliable fixation of the gadget in the palm of your hand.

Highscreen max 3

Highscreen Max 3 Set Box .jpg

In the fall of 2019, Hayscreen introduced another powerful smartphone with two sims in the continuation of the line of long-playing smartphones. This new product is an improved model of Power Five Max 2. One of its distinguishing features is the presence of three card slots, that is, it is possible to install 2 SIM cards and a memory card in the device at the same time. Among other changes, the presence of the new version of Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band Wi-Fi, can be noted. OTG, the new Helio P35 processor. As in previous Hyskrin models, the Max 3 phone has “clean” Android, with the minimum possible number of pre-installed applications, the system supports the ninth version.

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