Now, no one will circle the iPhone for sure: the results of the autumn presentation of Apple 2019
Of all Apple presentations, autumn is the most popular. She captivates most of the audience because they show on her new iPhone, which they then sketch ... However, it was…

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Cons of modern smartphones
Before buying a new mobile phone, the consumer studies the characteristics of the devices, wanting to get to the point and own the perfect device. At the same time, often…

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A smartphone that Xiaomi marketers despise, but you'll love - Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K20 Pro)
No one is so humiliating Redmi’s own subsidiary as the Xiaomi marketers themselves - a smartphone that was created under the name Redmi K20 Pro and which was originally supposed…

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How to set up a new smartphone

When setting up smartphones on the Android OS, it is recommended to perform some simple standard procedures for further convenient work with the device. Due to the fact that Android is an operating system open for developers, most mobile phones work on its basis. Such openness allows manufacturers to change the interface / menu, place proprietary applications, modify the placement of options and settings. At the same time, these menu adjustments by phone manufacturers are insignificant for perception, since the Android platform has the same key settings for the operating system, regardless of brand.

Device first start
The solution to the problem called “How to set up a smartphone” begins with the initial launch of the device. The so-called first run wizard will appear on the display, with the help of which it is easy to carry out the initial start. Here the user is prompted to select a language, connect to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet, set the time and date, and also, determine the location of the device. It is required to step by step to fulfill all the requested items.

setting up a new smartphone.jpg
How to set up your smartphone screen
Appearance settings and its organization are a convenient tool for the Android OS. For the convenience of the owner, using the settings elements, you can configure your phone as you like. To adjust the brightness of the display, go to “Settings” – “Screen” – “Brightness”, turn off “Auto Brightness” and use the slider to set it to a level comfortable for the eyes. 100% backlighting is not always comfortable for users and consumes a lot of energy.

To change the wallpaper, do the following: “Settings” – “Wallpaper” or “Gallery”, and there select any image located in the device’s memory. If the auto-rotate is annoying in the settings, select “Screen” and uncheck the “Auto-rotate screen” item. As for sleep mode, the owner of the device decides how long the smartphone’s screen should go blank: for this, select “Lock screen” in the settings, where in the “Turn off screen” item, set the desired time after which the display automatically dims. The small print is inconvenient? Again, go to “Settings” – “Font Size” and select the one that is most preferred for vision.

A distinctive feature of smartphones on the Android OS, including the Highscreen brand, are widgets. These extremely useful graphic modules allow you to keep before your eyes all the important and relevant information and play the role of entry points to applications: time, weather, notes, shopping lists, reminders, letters, photos, etc.

Customize sounds
The classic version of setting the ringtone is “Settings” – “Sound” – “Incoming call” – “Ringtone”, similar variations are possible depending on the model of smartphone you are considering. The user will see a list of standard sounds, as well as the “Browse” button or the selection of parameters, clicking on which opens a list of sources where other audio files can be stored, for example, “Music”. Similarly, calls are set to notifications, incoming and delivered SMS.

By default, smartphones include the sounds of dialing a phone number, tapping the display, locking it, and vibrating the keys. To enable / disable the soundtrack of a particular function, you also need to go to “Settings” – “Sound” and make the necessary adjustments.

smartphone battery.jpg
No cycles of a full discharge / charge of a new battery in modern devices are required, it is enough just to prevent overcharging or a full discharge when using, which will extend the battery life. To save battery power, you can enable power-saving mode or apply manual settings. To implement the first option, go to “Settings” – “Advanced” – “Battery”, in the presented list, click on “Energy Saving Mode” and drag the slider to the “Enabled” position. In the second case, we make independent settings and actions – turn off auto-update of applications, set the backlight to the minimum comfortable level, control and close unused, but running programs, etc.

Create a Google Account
It is important to understand that the creator of the Android system is Google Corporation, which means that all services work exclusively through this system. Google account is a necessary thing, just after entering the created or existing account, you will be able to access the Google Play Market, synchronize data, download programs, configure remote access to the device, use Gmail, Google Drive drive to store files, etc. An account remains attached to its user forever, if this is not changed independently, therefore it is very important not to forget the username and password, but better to write it down.

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