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Smartphone photo editing options

Often the difference between the quality of a professional photo and an amateur photo is visible even to a layman. Moreover, the author’s artistic flair, compositional moments or the original plot of the picture does not play a role. An important, or better said, priority role is played by the technical capabilities of the device and a wide selection of additional options. Do not think that in order to get a beautiful and high-quality photo, only a camera is needed, a modern smartphone is able to take a picture of no less quality than the equipment specially designed for this.

CLASSICAL PHOTO PROCESSING OPTIONS IN A SMARTPHONE course, the set of “native” photo editing capabilities in different smartphones is slightly different, but in general these functions are most common:

• Turns. 90 degrees, 180 and 360;

• Cropping. Depending on the model, this may be the option “manually”, “square”, “proportions”;

• Filters. Using just this one option, you can make a work of art from a regular photo, for this you can choose a black and white filter, or monochrome, or negative, or sepia, etc.

• Photo enhancement. Using this option, you can improve the quality of the picture by manually adjusting the saturation, brightness and contrast of the photo;

• Brush. This option allows you to add an inscription to the photo, while choosing the text color offered to choose from: red, orange, yellow, green, etc.

Using classic effects will help transform the photo without any special skills. Of course, the possibilities of editing a photo in a smartphone are not limited to standard options, thanks to the efforts of the developers of the Play Market, there are a lot of applications for additional adjustment and improvement of photos in gadgets with Android OS.

Of course, all applications on the market have a number of differences in terms of the choice of options and modes. The advantage of a mobile photo is the ability to try different programs and really appreciate their capabilities. Each application has a number of weaknesses and strengths, different stylistics. It’s always interesting to try the capabilities of a new application, but there are certain risks regarding, for example, paid versions – a purchased program can simply disappoint with uninteresting functions. Therefore, choosing an application, it is recommended to carefully study the proposed product. If the application is free, then everything is simple: download it from the official Google store and try, if it’s paid, it’s better to read reviews from real people and make sure that the program is suitable for use.

Applications with simpler functionality
Smartphones Highscreen.jpgSNAPSSED
Quite an interesting application that has wide functionality and is offered for use on a free basis. The advantages of the program include the presence of a large number of effects and filters, the ability to apply effects to a single object in the photo, cancel changes made in any sequence. Also, the developers made sure that the photo editor supports all popular formats, including RAW. With its help, it is easy to adjust the brightness, sharpness, etc. Supports both manual and automatic mode.

No less common free application, but there is a small nuance: many interesting effects must be purchased for money. The main task of the photo editor is to quickly process images. Of particular interest are the “cosmetic” options: red-eye removal, teeth whitening, etc. The possibility of deep editing, creating beautiful collages, removing defects from a selfie, the ability to overlay one photo on another, turning a photo into a drawing, and much more will please us. Of course, professional processing is not worth the wait, it is rather an application for improving and decorating photos.

Do not pay attention to the name of the program, because it is more designed not for pros, but for beginners and ordinary users. Despite the statement that the editor is provided free of charge, some filter options are available only for money. The program is good for beginners due to the fact that it has a large number of automatic options. With it, you can crop the image, use stickers, change the color temperature, add text, make a collage, blur the background.

More sophisticated applications
Highscreen smartphone catalog.jpgADOBE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS
The real possibilities of editing a photograph in a smartphone will be fully disclosed by this program. It is a Photoshop-optimized application for smartphones. The editor is saturated with a wide variety of interesting filters, supports layers and settings for tone and colors, not only in relation to the entire image, but also to a specific fragment.

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