Low-priced flagship smartphone - Xiaomi Mi 9T review
In general, Mi 9T is the flagship of Xiaomi’s now subsidiary brand, Redmi. And originally it was called Redmi K20. But Xiaomi understands that in Russia Redmi = a budget…

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A good smartphone that you don’t notice due to worship of the “Chinese” - LG G8s ThinQ
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Characteristics of smartphones - which parameters are key and important
Choosing a good smartphone only at first glance seems simple, it would seem that thanks to a well-established media system, any consumer with fairly mediocre knowledge in the field of…

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Characteristics of smartphones – which parameters are key and important

Choosing a good smartphone only at first glance seems simple, it would seem that thanks to a well-established media system, any consumer with fairly mediocre knowledge in the field of electronics will be able to figure out the “stuffing” of the model that interests him and make a final decision whether such a device suits him or not. In fact, many of the questions in the selection may be more controversial when carefully studied. The characteristics of the phones and their price tags vary greatly, and this leads to some confusion, so you need to arm yourself with an approximate algorithm for choosing the main parameters of the smartphone and, based on this, calmly assess whether the device you like is really good.

smartphones shop.jpg The necessary functionality of a smartphone depends on the specific user, on the requirements that he makes to the phone. Conservatives are satisfied with the purchase of a regular mobile phone – making calls, listening to music and a minimum set of standard functions. This advanced situation does not suit the modern advanced user, if the device’s potential allows you to not only call and write SMS, but also use it as a navigator, toy, camera, source of any information, then why not use it to the fullest? It’s no secret that the deciding factor when choosing a smartphone is its cost, or rather the price-quality ratio, and yet, when making a purchase, you should pay attention to whether the user can use the main functions that the device is designed for: access the Internet, take pictures, make video, listen to audio and watch videos, read e-books and various documents, work with e-mail, use the GPS navigator, keep records, type texts and work with office applications, play, manage lyat other devices, and so on.

As for technical issues, when choosing a new smartphone, first of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the display, operating system, processor, memory, camera, battery.

The comfort of using a smartphone is provided by the display, which not only occupies a significant area of ​​the device, but also accepts the main load during operation. When choosing, you need to pay attention to such important parameters as screen resolution, screen size and display type.

Screen resolution

This parameter is responsible for the quality and clarity of the display. The high-quality screen provides a more pleasant viewing of videos and movies, documents, photos, surfing the Internet, toys and so on. Of course, the higher the resolution, the better. Accordingly, if you use a screen with a minimum resolution of 240×320 or 480×800 pixels, this will clearly not add comfort and pleasure, and if you give preference to smartphones with a resolution of HD 1280×720 or Full HD 1920×1080, the difference will be very noticeable.

Screen diagonal

smartphones highscreen.jpg If a few years ago a 3.5-inch smartphone was raving, then today the average size is about 5 inches. And, for those who squeeze out of their device to the maximum models of six or more inches have already been released. It is very important that the phone is also ergonomic – you should not choose for yourself a model that can hardly fit in the palm of your hand. The best option when it is easy to control the device with one thumb. However, it is worth noting that manufacturers make the frame of the screen thinner and thinner, so the current 6-inch smartphones are the same in size as the 5-inch gadgets released several years ago. A vivid example, a smartphone brand Highscreen HIghscreen Power Five Max 2

Display type

A lot of factors depend on the type of display or matrix – these are picture quality, display contrast, lack of glare and viewing angles. In a good model, from any angle, the picture will always be clear, rich, contrast. There are four types of matrix: Super LSD, Super Amoled, IPS, Retina. The most popular and most used is the IPS matrix, it is used in 2/3 smartphones on the Android OS.

Today, the market is filled with smartphones with a wide variety of operating systems, the most popular of them are IOS, Windows, Android. Others are much less common and it makes no sense to mention them.

Android Most manufacturing companies prefer to abandon their own OS, considering it more appropriate to switch to Android. A huge advantage of the OS is the ease of use, the ability to optimize the interface as you wish and achieve uniqueness in this regard, do not forget about the myriad of free programs / applications.

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