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What determines the quality of photos in a smartphone

Just a few years ago, a camera on a mobile device was perceived by users as something completely unbelievable and therefore even more desirable. It is ridiculous to recall how photos taken with a 1.3 megapixel camera seemed very cool, this is today a 16 megapixel camera like the Highscreen Power Five Max 2 model seems to be taken for granted. And now we can safely say that Android smartphones with a built-in camera are confidently replacing the once-in-demand digital cameras. Of course, many people wonder how such a tiny device can fit a high-quality camera and how manufacturers managed to achieve acceptable quality of photos received from a mobile phone.

About the Role of Megapixels
The number of megapixels is really a fundamental indicator of photo quality, but this is not a synonym for the quality of images, because there are many other parameters that affect the quality of the image. Sometimes, you can meet a situation in which an 8 MP camera shoots like a 5 MP camera on another phone, which causes confusion among users.

The quality of detail and the resolution of the photo depend on megapixels. That is, the more megapixels the camera has, the more detailed and clear the picture will be, and it will be easy to crop and scale. Also, this indicator plays a role for printing large photos. In general, for an ordinary smartphone user, the first thing when choosing a mobile phone with a good camera is really worth paying attention to the number of megapixels. But, at the same time, do not forget to clarify other characteristics or just test the camera of the phone before buying.

Flagship models of smartphones, such as 16 megapixel Highscreen Power Five Max 2, detailing of such photos at a good level and in print version their quality will be good. If you upload your pictures only on social networks, in this case you can give your preference to cheaper models with an 8 megapixel camera.

Lens size

What determines the quality of photos in a smartphone in the first place? An immutable rule says that the larger the lens, the higher the quality of the resulting image. This is explained by the proportional ratio of the magnitude of the lens and the amount of light that it can physically pass through itself, making the image brighter. Therefore, making a choice in favor of a particular model, it is recommended to pay attention to this detail.


This option affects the camera’s ability to zoom in on the image by first focusing on it. There are digital and optical zoom. Modern smartphones are equipped with digital zoom. What this means: The camera software focuses the device using the user and a special circuit. If we talk about the optical view, this zoom provides focusing automatically. It should be noted that optical zoom is considered the best, with them the loss of photo quality will be minimal. Optical zoom in smartphones, as a rule, is rare, since it is an expensive component of the cost of the device for manufacturers.

Image stabilization

It also happens, both digital and optical. Digital stabilization is also called software stabilization, and this view is significantly inferior to optical in quality. This is due to the fact that in order to get a clear picture without blurring, you need to hold the smartphone in your hands as motionless as possible, which is not so simple to perform. In this regard, optical stabilization wins significantly. For its work, tiny gyroscopes are used that physically move the camera lens to avoid any movements, this provides the picture with increased clarity.

The stabilization question arises when it is necessary to take a photo in poor lighting conditions, when the shutter speed automatically decreases, which entails an increase in shutter speed. This is necessary in order for the sensor to capture more light and entail involuntary trembling in the hands, impairing clarity.


Continuing to understand what the quality of the photo in the smartphone depends on, it is necessary to stop on the matrix. If the smartphone manufacturer wants to reduce the thickness of the device, the first thing that goes under the expense is the matrix. The size of this parameter directly affects the amount of transmitted light, and this is very important for image quality, i.e. the more light the matrix is ​​able to let through, the better the final photograph will be.


An important, but for some reason underestimated, parameter in the camera of a smartphone. The diaphragm is a hole that transmits light into the matrix. The lower this indicator, the better the detail of the picture in the dark and the higher the shooting speed. Most mobile devices are equipped with an aperture with an average aperture value, which provides good quality photos at night and during daytime shooting. When studying the characteristics of a smartphone’s camera, select devices with an aperture value within f / 2.2 – f

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