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Inexpensive smartphone with a cool camera and powerful processor – ZTE Blade V10 review

Almost all smart phone models today have accumulated in the “up to 20 thousand rubles” category – with such a budget today you have a chance to buy both new mobile phones of the 2019 model year with the latest versions of processors and screens, and middle-aged models that are overrated in the past, which have gone out of fashion , and even flagships, only they will already be at a very respectable age. Therefore, the problem of “what to choose” among low-cost smartphones now does not exist.

But there is the problem of “what exactly to buy” if the processors are eight-core in all mobile phones, the screens are about the same size, and it’s almost impossible to understand how good the phone is, by its name or from the table with the characteristics.

And you must think that the guys who have come across as experts in mobile phones, in this case, keep in their head a database with all the released models? Nothing like this! Enthusiasts simply know what the characteristics of an affordable phone should be (a set of “as expected”), try them on for each new model, and make a conclusion about the smartphone by the number of matches. We will tell you what characteristics a good low-cost smartphone should have today and try them on with our test ZTE Blade V10.

More recently, when smartphone manufacturers said: “But our smartphone is frameless!”, This automatically meant that for beauty and convenience it would be necessary to pay extra. And people paid extra, because smartphones with thick frames on top against the background of new models looked like “CRT” televisions against a liquid crystal background.

In 2019, the frames became small even for inexpensive models, so compactness is now easiest to determine when you have on hand a list of screen diagonals + measurements of smartphone case sizes.

A drop-shaped display is the best way to make the smartphone frameless and leave the selfie camera in its place

For example, the Blade V10 offers 6.3 inches of screen at a height of 157.8 mm – is it a lot or a little? Is the smartphone prohibitively huge?

You vainly draw a tablet-sized mobile phone in your imagination, because in reality the Blade V10 is so compact that 6.3 inches fit in where the smartphone with an apple on the case and the word “Plus” in the name only fit 5.5 inches. Only the “applephone” is also wider, and without a separate headphone jack and memory card.

And in the case of the Blade V10, with all its compactness, there are no hardships-deprivations! MicroSD memory cards are supported, the charging connector is USB-C, as befits a smartphone with a reserve for the future. And even the headphone jack is in place, unlike some Chinese smartphones, where the adapter already has to be fenced in for wire sound.

In-ear headphone jack

And there is even NFC! So, there is the opportunity to pay at the box office from a smartphone and not carry a bank card. Among the Chinese manufacturers of low-cost smartphones, in addition to ZTE, only one competitor has released smartphones with built-in NFC, and even recently it feels so bad that you can’t wait for new smartphones from it. So it turns out that the Blade V10 is one of the few inexpensive mobile phones that have NFC.

ZTE dispenses with the colorless cases, but smartphones do not become less beautiful because of this

And even if you focus on dimensions not on retro, but on the latest Chinese budget phones, it still turns out that the Blade V10 is compact. For example, the well-known competitor “48 megapixel camera” has larger frames and a larger body. And there’s nothing to say about smartphones with a huge “eyebrow” at the top of the screen – unlike holes in cheese, there is no use for such lost sections of the display due to a cutout. By the way, since we are talking about the display:

Screen and picture quality
As expected: Need a Full HD + display with good color reproduction. No longer needed, less clear – only with a big discount.

In different years, manufacturers experimented differently with screens on smartphones – it came to 4K resolution (like flagship televisions with a large diagonal) in a screen that is smaller than a palm.

As a result, evolution has come to … Full HD displays, even in the flagship smartphones of 2019. Because this is the level of clarity at which you won’t complain about picture quality, and Quad HD and additional points in the display require an excessively powerful processor that requires a large battery that spills into a thick case … in the house that Jack built.

Therefore, Full HD + is considered the best option. And in the case of the ZTE Blade V10, it is also complemented by cool contrast and good color rendering – the color of the display is close to realistic, so the picture does not look poisonously saturated, like shop windows in Tokyo.

CPU power and autonomy
As expected: Applications should not slow down now, or after a half to two years. Autonomy should be enough for a day.

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