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This phone has turned Samsung from a loser into a “king of the hill” – Samsung C100

All legendary phones can be divided into flagships with memories “I never had that much money, but always dreamed of buying it” and state employees “I got enough for that, but now I tell everyone that it was the best cell phone in the world!”. But here is an exception to the rule – not a penny, but not prohibitively expensive mobile phone, which was not only popular in life, but was able to make clear in 2003 how Samsung differs from all its competitors.

It’s a wonderful time when Samsung phones were rare for fans to show off

15 legendary phones of the early 2000s
Recall what happened in 2003 will now be difficult for absolutely all categories of readers. Some of them – because they were not born then (like most of the “Internet fighters” in the comments to articles about mobile phones), but others are corrupted by memory, because we guys are not young, and therefore we remember much better figures of your blood pressure than the lyrics of the song “And I flew everything” from that same year 2003.

And even worse, remember the phones of the beginning of the two thousandth. But then they were experiencing adolescence, when it was already shown that, but it was not possible for everyone to submit all this correctly.

In other words, the phones at the turn of 2002 and 2003 finally moved from the design “if only the connection was normal and not discharged ahead of time” to the idea that the mobile phone is needed not only for calls, but should be entertaining equipment at any price, yes gradually grow into these your internet. As soon as everyone stopped talking about cellular communications on serious cabins and accepted these considerations, the world turned upside down. In almost all cheap phones, color screens and polyphony appeared, the world exploded from hysteria over picture-melodies-GIF-animations and Java-games.

At the same time, you understand that everyone was equal, but some were more equal – at that time the global phone market was shared by only a few manufacturers, and not hundreds, as it is now. Moreover, half of those old-timers today are either dead or dying. And the remains of some of them were pulled over by the new Chinese owners and gradually mock the corpse.

So, in 2003, the phones consisted of:

Nokia is the iPhone of that era. For those who like to overpay, but in return to get “premium user experience”, Finnish quality, traditions, ~~ Schubert waltzes, a crunch of French rolls … ~~
Sony Ericsson – then just recently bought by the Japanese and just starting a transformation from wildly expensive mobile phones for glamorous businessmen to something popular. The joke is that in the era of Android smartphones, the story went in a spiral and good Sony smartphones again began to be released only “for spiritually rich and wealthy boys.”
Motorola – indestructible penny budget employees, a buggy middle class and flagships that worked fine only for craftsmen to flash and patch them. An analogue of the current Meizu for lovers of good, cheap and communication with technology with the help of such-and-such a mother in attempts to make it work correctly.
Siemens is a well-deserved Xiaomi (or ZTE Nubia, if you are a little better at smartphones) of the era of early telephone construction. Offered functions of obviously more expensive Nokia at the price of Motorola. True, all this stuff worked not always reliably and predictably. Moreover, Xiaomi had a similar situation before the release of “global” firmware and the release of Xiaomi itself from the Chinese underground, and Siemens only because German engineers were hollow and drank a weissbier with schnapps instead of bringing the phones to mind. As a result, because of holes in the firmware only on phones of this brand, it was possible to flash a cheap model to a middle class model (!) (Siemens C55) and generally have fun. But we were distracted.

But where was Samsung on this list?

Why there were a lot of durable and hardy phones in the 2000s, and only Nokia 3310 became a cult phone
The nineties ended just recently, the prestige of Korean electronics was relative – on TVs Samsung was still considered a “stand for those who could not save for Sony, Panasonic or Toshiba.” And in mobile phones, the attitude towards him was the same as now in the Android era belong to Taiwanese brands. Like, all these ASUS and HTC are stamping something there for some of their “not like everyone else’s” public, but from the outside it is not entirely clear why to buy it, especially at such a price.

No, some young ladies, of course, walked with the Samsung A800 – a clamshell with a poisonous blue screen, an antenna for picking your nose and a heartbreaking (tearing, egg-crushing) loud polyphony. But the girls didn’t do it from a good life, so at the first opportunity they either switched to Nokia 6xxx business monoblocks (if you were guided by reason), or to Motorola V150 / V300 / V500 clamshells, if you were guided by a sense of beauty.

And so it was until the Samsung C100 (or SGH-C100, if you are a fan of finding fault and demanding exact indexes) came out.

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