Why Samsung smartphones are among the safest and most secure in the world
History goes in a circle. When mobile phones just started appearing on sale, they seemed to be a technique that could not be created by “mere mortals,” or inexperienced companies.…

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What is better smartphone or communicator. The main similarities and differences.
Recently, the concepts of smartphone and communicator have been familiar to many users, but the market for mobile data is rapidly developing and the boundaries between communicators and smartphones are…

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A smartphone after which you fall in love with Sony again - Xperia review 1
The soul of the master in the new Japanese technology is revealed only when it is allowed to roam around with unlimited budgets. Therefore, Sony engineers, in reproaches in the…

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Types of phone displays. What are the screens.

Recently, there are many abbreviations for designating the types of displays of mobile devices, which in turn often complicates the task of choosing the type of display when buying a mobile phone. In this article, we will try to figure out what types of screens are for mobile devices, in order to help determine the choice of phone screen.

Currently, only two of the most common technologies can be distinguished: these are screens based on LCD (LCD displays) and OLED (displays on organic semiconductors). The main difference from the LCD is that there are no backlight lamps; directly on the surface, elements of the surface glow in OLED displays. Continue reading

Accelerometer – principle of operation and functionality

Among the most interesting and useful functions of modern smartphones, the automatic screen rotation function, which is provided by a compact device called an accelerometer, deserves special attention. It is this module that supplies the smartphone control unit with information about the position of the gadget in space. In fact, an accelerometer is a device that measures acceleration, which is the difference between gravitational and true accelerations. The main components of the accelerometer are moving mass, a spring that is attached to a fixed surface and a damper. The moving mass is attached to the spring on one side, and on the other hand, the damper dampens its own vibrations. When moving, the mass accelerates and the spring is deformed. Measurement of linear deformations is the basis for the readings of the device. To obtain information about the position of the body in three-dimensional space, three such devices along three axes are combined into one system. Continue reading

Types of USB connectors – the main differences and features

Currently, there are several types of USB connectors (Universal Serial Bus – Universal Serial Bus), which come in three versions – USB v1.1, USB v2.0 and USB v3.0. Version v1.1 is almost never used due to the too low data transfer rate (12 Mbps), therefore it is used only for compatibility. The second version of USB 2.0 now dominates the market. Most modern devices support this version, which provides a data transfer rate of 480 Mb / s, which is equivalent to a copy speed of 48 MB / s. However, due to imperfect implementation and design features, in practice, the real speed rarely exceeds 30-33 MB / s. Many hard drives are capable of reading information at a speed of 3-4 times more. The USB v2.0 connector is a bottleneck that slows down the work of modern drives. At the same time, for mice, keyboards andsome other devices, this does not matter much. The third version of USB v3.0 is marked in blue, which indicates belonging to the latest generation. The bandwidth of the third version of USB provides a speed of 5 Gb / s, which is equivalent to 500 MB / s. Given the fact that modern hard drives have a speed of 150-170 MB / s, the third version of USB has a large margin of data transfer speed. Continue reading

Why Chinese smartphones are becoming more expensive, and what should be the perfect “budget” on Android

Realme produces many powerful mobile phones that can compete with Xiaomi itself, but at least it makes official statements to the public. But at the presentation of the new flagship Realme X2 Pro, we managed to talk to the Chinese representatives of the company and find out what they think about competitors, what ideal smartphones see and what they plan to release in the future.

We were interviewed by Derek Wang, Product Director, and Chase Xu, Product Promotion Director.

There are no bad processors, there is an unfair price for them
Among manufacturers of smartphones, powerful models of Chinese Continue reading

The toughest smartphone in terms of battery capacity – Motorola One Action

According to the idea of ​​the marketers, we should have sung now, they say, this is the first smartphone that was created to replace action cameras. But mother’s mother’s video bloggers are a minority among our readers, and mobile phones are still met by clothes, so for a start we’ll go through the looks of One Action.

Here you need to make a digression and remember that, according to the unspoken fashion, each smartphone of a new generation is required to accommodate an increasingly large display. Just as you need to eat less or move more to lose weight, to increase the screens of smartphones you need to either reduce the frame or increase the diagonal “in the forehead”. The Japanese began to use the first method Continue reading

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A smartphone that Xiaomi marketers despise, but you'll love - Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K20 Pro)
No one is so humiliating Redmi’s own subsidiary as the Xiaomi marketers themselves - a smartphone that was created under the name Redmi K20 Pro and which was originally supposed…


If Xiaomi starts to raise prices, that's what everyone will buy in return - Realme XT
Realme continues to bomb with prices - the novelty, Realme XT, is presented in Russia for only 20 thousand rubles (on pre-order). This is not that very cheap, but judging…


Features of an inexpensive smartphone
Most users dream of buying an inexpensive smartphone that has the maximum capabilities. It is not so easy for a professional to do this. Often the difference and the possibilities…


Vivo NEX 3
Agree, the current flagship smartphones lack real uncompromisingness. Everything is boring. Cutouts in the display? Still with us in one form or another. Frameless? Due to the "chins" or other…